$370K worth of iPhone X models stolen from San Francisco Apple Store


Seems like waiting in an iPhone line has become too mainstream. Well, thieves in San Francisco took the easy way out. Three “husky men in hoodies” stole over 300 iPhone X units directly off a UPS truck outside an Apple Store in San Francisco.

The truck was delivering 313 units of Apple’s new iPhone X whose total value estimates to me more than $370,000. The theft happened between 11:15 am and 11:30 am PT. A janitor spotted the suspects and was able to take a picture of the thieves. They were unloading the boxes from the UPS truck into a Dodge van. San Francisco police haven’t yet caught the suspects.

As for the customers in San Francisco, CNET cites a “person familiar with the matter” and says customers who scheduled to pick up their pre-ordered iPhone X at the store will still get their device on time.

The installation of “Find My iPhone” and remote lockout feature has seen a drop in the number of stolen devices. Stealing an iPhone before those services have been set up is the safest way or these enterprising thieves. This theft has become notable for the fact that it happened even before the launch of iPhone X. The new iPhone X is said to become the “future of smartphones”.

The pre-order of the new iPhone X in the first four days have been double the previous record holder, the iPhone 6, according to Slice Intelligence. The record has been set in spite of the sparse supplies which has pushed some pre-order deliveries to mid-December.

The theft was earlier uncovered by local San Francisco television station, KTSF.



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