AirPods: update firmware and query hardware details

To retrieve various information about the AirPods and to check if the most recent update has already been downloaded, you first need to know where and when this is possible. It is not commonplace that headphones have their own firmware. In addition, the wireless in-ears on the iPhone are not updated in the general menu for software updates. We’ll explain how to update your headphones and get all the hardware details about the earphones.

Connection mandatory

Connects the AirPods to your iOS device and first opens the “Settings”. Then select the menu item “General” and then type in succession “Info” and “AirPods”. If there is no connection because the handset is in the closed charging case, for example, the “AirPods” item will not be displayed in your iPhone menu.

The choice is at the bottom of the displayed list. There you will see the developer and the model number as well as the information about which version of the firmware is installed on your headphones. The serial number of the charging station is visible on its underside. An update will be made automatically by Apple as soon as a new version is available and the headphones are connected to an iOS device that has an Internet connection.


  • To check which firmware or hardware your AirPods currently have, connect your headphones to your iPhone or iPad, for example
  • Navigate to “Settings | General | About | AirPods” on the iOS device.
  • Scroll down to the menu item “AirPods” and select it
  • Now you will see the manufacturer, model and serial number as well as the version of the firmware and hardware
  • If your AirPods are connected to an iOS device and it’s online, the headset will receive updates automatically

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