Apple will equip new Macs with their own chips: What that means for you

According to a report, Apple should increasingly put on its own chips on upcoming Macs. For users, this brings with it some advantages.

That Apple is well versed in chips, proves the company with each iPhone generation again. The A11 Bionic from the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X is currently the fastest processor in a smartphone. Even the most complex apps are no problem for the new iPhones. Mac users will soon benefit more from this expertise. As Bloomberg reports, Apple plans to introduce three new computers this year. It should be two MacBooks and an iMac. All three probably also own Apple chips.

Apple chips are already working in Macs

This idea is not new. In the MacBook Pros with Touch Bar Intel processors provide the necessary computing power. However, the Touch Bar itself and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor access a separate processor to meet user requirements. With the iMac Pro , an additional chip takes care of the encryption and the camera, among other things.

The advantages for the user are obvious: If Apple uses its own material, the company has the opportunity to bind hardware and software more closely to each other, or to better coordinate them.¬†This is also one of the recipes of success for iPhones and iPads.¬†Experts also believe, according to Bloomberg, that it’s only a matter of time before Apple replaces Intel processors in its computers with its own.¬†Already the current iPhone processor moves partially on par with some MacBook models.¬†But until the first Apple processor clocks in a Mac computer, it may well take some time.

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