Essential iPhone X Tips to Get Up and Running


Get to understand the iPhone X

From the Super Retina OLED display and Face identity to Animoji and the absolute lack of a home button, there’s loads of really is new things inside the iPhone X. however all that newness additionally brings a new way to use the iPhone, and a number of the most important changes will take some time getting used to. In fact, a number of this newness are guaranteed to throw you for a loop until you get usual to using Apple’s new flagship iPhone X. Right here’s the way to get around the brand new iPhone X, so you can limit the getting to know curve.

Show battery percentage

Show battery percentage iPhone Xby default, the iPhone X does not show how a whole lot battery life you have left as a percent. instead, you simply see the icon and how full. if you do not need to bet how a much charge you have got, simply swipe down from the top right of the display screen to see the control center. the battery percentage will only show when you swipe down, and it disappears whilst you swipe again up.

Switching between apps

Switching between apps iPhone XBecause there’s no home button on the brand new iPhone X, you can no longer have to open the App Switcher by double-pressing that button. Instead, all you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and then hold your finger on the display a little while to show your open apps. That’s it, You can then swipe through apps just as you normally would.

Force-quitting apps

iPhone X Force-quitting appsWell, you can’t just swipe up on an app when you’re in the App Switcher menu to quit an app. Apple intelligently did this so that you wouldn’t accidentally close an app because getting to this menu already involves swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

On the iPhone X, all you need to do just press and hold the screen a little while, and then you’ll see a minus icon appear on each app. From there, you can either tap on that minus symbol to force-quit the app or swipe up on it like you’re used to.

Unlock your phone faster with Face ID

Unlock your phone faster with Face ID iphone xWith Touch ID now going the way of the dodo, Face ID is the quickest way to unlock your phone securely. Although we’ve found Face ID to be a bit slower than Touch ID, you don’t have to wait around for the iPhone X to show you that the screen has unlocked. Just start swiping up on the screen even before you see the visual confirmation, and you’ll get to the home screen faster. We also suggest making sure that the Raise to Wake setting is enabled in Settings. (You’ll find it in Display & Brightness.)

If you prefer to wake the phone yourself, we suggest tapping on the display rather than clicking on the iPhone X’s side button; it will make unlocking the phone with Face ID feel more seamless.

Take screenshots

Take screenshots iphone xYou’re accustomed to pressing the home button in combination with the iPhone’s side/power button to take screenshots, but now that the home button is gone, it’s actually just as easy: You just press and hold the side button while you press the volume-up key.




Activate Siri

Activate SiriWell, the easiest way to summon Apple’s assistant is to utter, “Hey, Siri,” but if you’d rather not sound ridiculous in public, you can now just press and hold the side button to access that feature.



Show Control Center

Show Control CenterYou’ll have to break your habit of swiping up from the bottom of the screen to turn on the flashlight, turn on Wi-Fi, brighten the screen and tweak other settings. You need to swipe down from the top right of the display, whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode.




Turn off and force restart

Turn off and force restartNow that the iPhone X uses the side button to launch Siri, you can’t press and hold that button to turn off the phone. The new way is to press and hold the side button and either the top or bottom volume buttons.

To force restart, you need to press and hold the side button plus the top and bottom volume buttons at the same time.

Using Apple Pay

Using Apple PayIf you want to use Apple Pay from your iPhone X, it’s very easy: Just double-press the side key to activate the feature. From there, you’ll authenticate that payment by using Face ID.





Use Animoji

Use AnimojiThanks to the TrueDepth camera on the front, the iPhone X lets you take on the personality of one of several animated characters, like an alien, a unicorn and even poo. The camera can capture more than 50 facial movements in short, 10-second videos you can easily share.

To get started, fire up the Messages app and press the Animoji button, which is the second one in from the left. Then, you can swipe up and down to select your character. From there, hit the red circle button to start recording your voice and movements. To share your Animoji, hit the blue up-arrow icon.

Take portraits with the front camera

Take portraits with the front cameraOne of the biggest new features with the iPhone X is that the TrueDepth camera takes Portrait Mode photos, which blur out the background with a bokeh effect to make your selfie pop. And it’s a cinch to get started: Just swipe to the left from Photo to Portrait, and frame your shot.

Once you’ve snapped your selfie, tap on the Portrait Lighting effect menu, and swipe to the left to choose from multiple effects, including Studio Light and Contour.

Turn on Reachability

Turn on ReachabilityThe iPhone X isn’t as big as the iPhone 7 Plus, but if you have small hands, Reachability is still hidden in settings. First, go to Settings > General > Accessibility to turn the feature on. Since the iPhone doesn’t have a home button, you can lower the screen by opening an app and swiping down in the gesture area on the bottom of the screen.

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