Honor 7X in the test: A real alternative to Galaxy A5 (2017), Mate 10 Lite and Moto X.



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Honor presented the Honor 7X in London on 5 December, presenting an old acquaintance. As is often the case with Honor, the hardware of the parent company Huawei brand is recycled and thrown on the market as a new commodity. Whether this is to please or annoy the customer, clarifies the detailed test of the editors of piefone.

Honor 7X

Almost traditionally, Huawei uses synergy effects between its brands and cultivates a double-tracked market penetration for different customers. Thus, Huawei’s self-image and the external image developed over the past few years from the China mobile phone manufacturer to the product of noble smartphones with a good price-performance ratio. Honor, on the other hand, focuses on price-conscious youth and the young at heart. Pure online sales and a lot of new marketing strategies are the trademarks of the second brand.

Now, this same second brand has introduced the Honor 7X, a smartphone that technically resembles the brother Huawei Mate 10 Lite like an egg to another. But optically, Honor has copied more than a few details from the Mate 10 Lite .

Design and workmanship

The Honor 7X comes in chic dark blue metal robe to the customer and can boast with very solid workmanship.¬†The front offers, except for quite narrow bars above and below the display, solid and unexciting design food.¬†Borderless, the panel is not embedded in the case, but is protected by 2.5D glass, which comes from Corning and hears the name Gorilla Glass 3.¬†The upper bar is next to the telephone speaker, the one-eyed selfie camera and a notification LED.¬†Below the panel, the area is occupied by a “honor” lettering.¬†Otherwise there is nothing to discover there.

Hands-on of the Honor 7X

Honor separates the metal unibody from the front with a thin plastic frame that produces a tactile edge between the display’s protective glass and frame.¬†The fingers wander over the frame with a pleasant radius to the three buttons on the right side.¬†There, the volume and also the display activity are influenced by rich pressure points.¬†Both switches are easy to reach and embedded in the frame without any noteworthy gap dimensions.

Similarly, the processing of the rest of the housing shows itself: The milling edges and holes are neatly deburred and the camera mount is not quite as sharp as the Mate 10 Lite, but just as chamfered. The fingerprint sensor is a bit deep, which is why the finger intuitively finds the biometric sensor.

This is the journey on the back and its look: It is simple and quite emotionless. Only the double camera can set a decisive accent. The two camera modules are in round surrounds that protrude slightly out of the case. Next to it is the LED flash, which looks a bit squeezed in the corner. The entire component line lies on the antenna strip, which, like its counterpart on the lower frame, is made in tone-on-tone color to the housing color.

Haptic of the Honor 7X

The feeling of touch is almost the same as on the Mate 10 Lite: the flat back and the large radii on the frame appear elegant at first, but the Honor 7X also slips slightly around the palm. However, this is not a big problem because the smartphone is quite narrow and can be so tightly grasped. This rarely gives the feeling that it could slip out of hand. The other haptics are impressive, but also does not flatter the hand.

If you are looking for that special something, you should look elsewhere, because the Honor 7 X can hardly offer that. Just the plastic edge around the display shows that the developers could not get out of their way. Nevertheless, the Honor 7X delivers a solid performance.

Section rating: 4 out of 5 stars


The Honor 7X has a so-called full- view display in 18: 9 format with a diagonal of just over 5.9 inches. The resolution is 1,080 x 2,160 pixels. So it reaches a pixel density of well 400 ppi. This should be the sharpness at a decent level. It does that too and individual pixels are not visible to the naked eye. At the brightness there is also little to complain about and the colors poppen as usual from Honor devices.DISPLAY The Honor 7X

If you do not like the preset color scheme, you can do manual adjustments and change the basic temperature of the panel. Similarly, a night mode and some default settings can be manually adjusted. Not adjustable is the automatic brightness adjustment, which acts with some time delay. It begins to regulate, it is rassant: The new stage is controlled in a few moments accurately and without visible control levels.

 If you turn the smartphone out of balance, so you change the viewing angle on the display, darkens the panel very early from a lot, but then remains stable in the brightness. There are hardly any changes in the colors. A little colder the colors appear in the inclined position. However, this does not diminish the sharpness and readability of texts or graphics.

In the display, Honor gets to beat the competition from a similar price segment and shows that a great panel must not be installed only in flagships.

Section rating: 4 out of 5 stars

processor and performance

The processor used in the Honor 7X is the Kirin 659 with eight cores, which is located in the middle class and offers a maximum clock rate of 2.36 GHz. He comes from his own house and is like the most technical details installed in the Mate 10 Lite. In terms of memory, the processor is supported by 4 GB; 64 GB internal capacity are used internally, an optional memory card can hold a maximum of 256 GB. This is a true memory monster ready, but that must be pimped first. And that can not be done without loss: With the memory expansion, the dual-SIM capability is eliminated, since both have to share the hybrid slot.

Honor 7X in the benchmark test

The technical data locate the Honor 7X in the middle class. The benchmark test is intended to show how it fits in there in terms of performance. Here, the AnTuTu app is used in version 6.2.7. The app spits out after the usual graphics and performance tests, a value of just under 61,500 points. This puts the performance at a level with the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, which reached almost 63,000 points. But not only the Huawei Group has driven its pegs into the ground in these performance areas: With the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), the Blackberry Motion and the Sony Xperia XA1 there are big names and popular mobile phones around.

environment model Benchmark Level
tester Huawei Honor 7X 61478
 direct competitors  Sony Xperia XA1 60538
Motorola Moto G5 Plus 63626
BQ Aquaris X. 63566
 former top models  Samsung Galaxy S7 132648
LG G5 137548
OnePlus 3T 163521
 current reference  Apple iPhone X 208752
OnePlus 5 180641
Nokia 8 175517

The performance is in practice as completely sufficient for even more demanding applications such as the racing game “Asphalt 8: Airborne”.¬†In parallel operation, however, the Honor 7X comes from time to time to stumble.¬†Uploads, downloads, and simultaneous screenshots as well as searching in the settings often forced the Honor 7X to drop one of its activities.¬†Here you can feel that the Honor 7X is not a top model.

Honor 7X – benchmark values


The Honor 7X is well-communicated with many, but not by any means. So a few options are missing such as dual-band Wi-Fi or NFC. Nevertheless, Honor here offers solid opportunities that probably should satisfy most users.

feature Available function
HSPA ‚Ė≤¬† Extension of the mobile radio standard UMTS, Down-max. 21 Mbps
HSPA + ‚Ė≤¬† Extension of the mobile radio standard UMTS, Down-max. 42 Mbps
LTE ‚Ė≤¬† Mobile standard, down-max 300 Mbps, up-max: 50 Mbps
USB OTG ‚Ė≤¬† Allows connection of external devices such as USB sticks, hard disks or keyboards
DLNA ‚Ė≤¬† Standard for wireless transmission of media content, for example to a TV
NFC ‚Ėľ¬† Allows a Bluetooth connection to another device by briefly touching it
Wireless display transmission ‚Ė≤¬† Allows wireless sharing of the ad with another device (eg Miracast / AirPlay / Google Cast)
MHL ‚Ėľ¬† Allows the wired connection via the micro USB interface to an HDMI port
Infrared remote ‚Ėľ¬† Allows use as a universal remote control
Bluetooth version ‚Ė≤¬† 4.2
WLAN standards ‚Ė≤¬† IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
Qi ‚Ėľ¬† Allows wireless charging of the smartphone

Telephone and call quality

In the test call, a few abnormalities were recorded.¬†The software is audibly struggling to filter out background noise and bring the conversation over without the disturbing ambient noise.¬†However, the caller complained in the normal conversation mode about the fact that the Honor-7X users something “over the microphone talks”.¬†This impression arises when switching to the hands-free mode, which provides the caller the more pleasant quality.¬†At the smartphone end of the line, this is a little different: Here is the quality of the somewhat lax speaker, which tends to oversteer, better in classic mode.

The Honor 7X delivers solid performance, connectivity and phone quality standards. So here is an average rating.

Section rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


The camera equipment differs at least in part from the Huawei Mate 10 Lite: The rear-side dual camera is therefore equipped with two modules with 16 and 2 megapixels, the front camera, however, only once with 8 megapixels. This eliminates the dual-front camera of the Mate 10 Lite and the user has to cope with an image converter. The two rear camera sensors have the same focal lengths, but differ in the sensor not only because of their resolution. The 2 megapixel module produces images in pure black and white, but the user can not choose as a single option. How much such a low-resolution image would bring with it quality is an open question, however, the double-camera option may well be considered a marketing gag, as a serious extension of a good individual sensor.

The quality of the results is discussed in the picture gallery:

The camera app comes from the software shelf of the parent company and is used in this and similar form in all Huawei and Honor smartphones. She shows herself tidy and mostly intuitive. However, some functions, such as the general image adjustment, are hidden in the settings and can only be changed with difficulty when photographing. So one or the other motive can be missed.

The camera of the Honor 7X brings solid benefits, but it turns out to be the dual camera function as a blender. The app can appeal against it and so the camera-squad reaches a good rating.

Section rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Software and multimedia

The Honor 7X does not come with the latest version of the in-house user interface EMUI 8, but must be satisfied with Android 7.0 and EMUI 5.1.¬†With the 5 version, Honor has made his EMUI a bit more “western” again and somewhat approximated the Android appearance of Google.¬†For example, since this version, it is possible to switch the operation to an app drawer, instead of having the apps presented on various launcher pages – especially those switching from other Android versions should appreciate this.¬†Also, Huawei has abandoned the timeline view in the notifications and cleared out the settings vigorously.

Many graces – good and bad

The included apps promise a wide variety of more or less useful helpers such as weather, calculator, recorder and flashlight on mirror and compass.¬†In the promotional bloatware, which consists of, among other things, Booking, eBay and three Gameloft games, but you are also quite generous.¬†Even the social media apps Facebook and Instagram are already pre installed, but many users are likely to want to install these “top apps” anyway.¬†Thus, they are not quite as negative as the other third-party apps.¬†However, it should be noted that these apps are all uninstallable.

The whole software works in contrast to earlier versions of EMUI grown up and the more close proximity to Google’s interface also more intuitive.¬†The adaptability does not suffer and so EMUI 5.1 is a step in the right direction, as it was the case with the other Huawei and Honor models of nearer pastness.

Speaker fie, music app Hui

In the multimedia area, Honor brings his powerful music app into play as usual, and has also integrated an FM radio into the smartphone. The sound can be improved via an equalizer as well as various algorithmic settings and adapted to your own listening preferences. However, if you like listening to music loud, you should also use an external loudspeaker here, because the built-in sound transducer lets the sound up significantly. Löblich in this area is also that the app on the related headset form Рin-ears, over-ears and earplugs Рcan be adjusted. Meanwhile, a headset is not included.

Honor 7X – Music App

In the software and multimedia segment, the smartphone allows quite weaknesses.¬†Huawei’s customers have to make do with a large amount of bloatware, and the built-in speaker does not attract anyone behind the oven.¬†The same is true for the not very dewy Android operating system.

Section rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

battery pack

The battery test includes active use of the smartphone for 30 minutes, streaming video, listening to the radio and making phone calls in the first eight hours. For this purpose, screenshots and test images will be created, uploads and downloads made and surfed the Internet during this time. After the first phase is followed by a second, in which the standby time of 16 hours is passed through in which nothing is done with the smartphone.

 model  Capacity (mAh) battery Level  consumption 
Working day (8h) Night in standby (16h) Intensive test (8h) Standby (16 h)
direct competition    
Huawei Nova 2 2950 64 49 36 15
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 3000 71 53 29 18
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra 2700 60 52 40 8th
former middle class models
Huawei P10 Lite 3000 51 44 49 7
Honor 6X 3270 69 60 31 9
current references
iPhone X 2716 64 57 36 7
Samsung Galaxy S8 3000 58 51 42 7
OnePlus 5 3300 66 46 34 20

The nominal charge of the battery amounts to 3340 mAh for the Honor 7X Рa value that is generously dimensioned and supplemented by a brisk charge. The labor-intensive first part of the test eats up a gap of 35 percentage points in the energy depot and consequently 65 percent remain after eight hours of use. In the second half, the standby operation gets a further eight percentage points, which puts the Honor 7X at 57 percent at the end of the test.

Section rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


The Honor 7X offers almost the same performance as its more expensive brother, the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, and its competitive environment, including the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), the Motorola Moto X4, and the Sony Xperia XA1, So far, where unspectacular. Even so, the Honor 7X may be interesting to many users, even if the big highlights go away. The comparatively low price and solid overall package, including a few upgrades over the competition make it a real alternative. The good workmanship, the great display and the multimedia functions should be emphasized. The latter, however, are more in software than in hardware. It lists the weaknesses of the Honor 7X: the speaker squishes and no headphones are included. There is also a dazzling camera and a lot of bloatware.

Appreciation: 4 out of 5 stars


Around 300 euros, so much Honor wants to have for the 7X and is thus in the average price range of the Smartphone.¬†The price decline has already munched on the offer and Honor even fueled him with cashback and sales specials.¬†There are the middle-class model already for around 250 euros including “gift box” and is thus in a range below many competitors, such as the¬†Moto X4¬†, the Huawei Mate 10 Lite or the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).¬†The offered performance can not be criticized here.


In the price range of the Honor 7X there are so many smartphones on the market that the overview is quickly lost. Not only an almost infinite number of models from different manufacturers, also the annual model maintenance measures make it difficult to find good alternatives.

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