Huawei’s MateBook X is far more than a MacBook clone



The Huawei MateBook X is the first attempt by the Chinese firm at making a laptop, but it has actually succeeded impressively well offering everything you'd expect from a portable computing option in 2017.

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windows can also have just gotten its nice answer to the MacBook but, and it hails from a relative newcomer. Huawei’s MateBook X is not simply an outstanding first attempt at a computer by Huawei, it’d simply be one of the best traditional laptops you could buy right now. This windows 10 pc wastes no area around its 13-inch display and full-width keyboard. It weighs almost nothing and is barely thick sufficient to match a headphone jack. If beauty is described via performance, which I suppose it’s miles, then the MateBook X is the maximum stunning laptop I’ve seen this year.

looks are just one thing of what makes a great laptop, but, and Huawei nonetheless has to prove that it could be as correct at making laptops because it has shown itself to be with smartphones. to demonstrate its price, the Chinese company has matched a complete spec sheet with an appealing price on the MateBook X. The pc starts at $1,099 with an Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB of a speedy storage, 8GB of RAM, a high-resolution display, and Dolby Atmos sound. The prestige Gold variation I’m reviewing charges $1,299 and upgrades the CPU to a core i7 and doubles the SSD storage to 1/2 a terabyte. both alternatives are priced competitively and look actually beautiful.

It’s almost too top to be genuine.

Spec sheet

Here is the Huawei MateBook X configuration sent to TechRadar for review:

CPU: Intel Core i5-7200U
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
Screen: 13-inches, 2160 x 1440, 200 pixels-per-inch
Storage: 256GB SSD
Ports: 2 x USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4..1
Camera: 1MP
Weight: 2.3 pounds
Size: 11.26 x 8.31 x 0.49 inches (W x D x H)

The exterior of the MateBook X is all robust, good-looking aluminum. It has a demure matte end that contrasts properly with eye-catching cut away along the rims of the gadget and around the touchpad, keyboard, and power button. I doubt anybody will love the greater touch of bling from Huawei — the threshold highlights on the MateBook are polished to a reflect finish — but it does deliver the laptop’s layout some intrigue and character. the overall construct high-quality of the MateBook X is worthy of this laptop’s flagship status. it is tough and inflexible, the display may be very nicely protected, and that you will be especially impressed by using the whole absence of keyboard flex from such an exceedingly thin device.

apart from its lean looks, the keyboard is probably favorite element in the MateBook X. It doesn’t compromise on format, supplying big, properly-spaced, and properly organized plastic-capped keys spanning the full width of the pc. It also doesn’t shortchange me on key travel, that is definitely luxurious as compared to Apple’s practically flat butterfly keyboards within the most up-to-date generations of MacBook and MacBook pro.

HUAWEI MATEBOOK X LAPTOP REVIEW the one component you probably may dislike about the MateBook’s keyboard is its uneven backlight, which fails to illuminate each key in a uniform fashion. The stem of the Y key’s darker than the rest of it, the pinnacle left of the G isn’t as shiny as the lowest right, and the O isn’t an excellent circle of mild. For such an otherwise smart in appearance, the usage of the MateBook X in the darkish appears like typing on an in particular filthy keyboard in which dirt buildup is blocking the light.

things move from imperfectly correct to nearly perfectly horrific when you went from the keyboard to the trackpad. The continual problem of unresponsive and misbehaving home windows touchpads appeared to have abated nowadays,


however, it’s lower back with a vengeance on the Huawei MateBook X. this is nominally a home windows Precision touchpad, however, it behaves nothing like it. you have to regularly must perform more than one swipes across the more-extensive surface of the pad to get the pointer to move only some pixels — only to find my next swipe driving it halfway across the display screen. It’s unreliable and unpredictable, and consequently deeply unpleasant to apply.however, it’s lower back with a vengeance on the Huawei MateBook X. this is nominally a home windows Precision touchpad, however, it behaves nothing like it. you have to regularly must perform more than one swipes across the more-extensive surface of the pad to get the pointer to move only some pixels — only to find my next swipe driving it halfway across the display screen. It’s unreliable and unpredictable, and consequently deeply unpleasant to apply.

on any laptop, If you continually allow the option to apply tap in place of clicks, so maybe that’s the issue the MateBook is getting stressed via. your taps, like your swipes, are often left unrecognized via this pc, stressful to the factor wherein you’ll wind up using an external mouse.

USB-C PORTS ON each side, you can charge this laptop from either side

HUAWEI MATEBOOK X LAPTOP REVIEW Thank the tech gods for inventing wireless mice. at the left of the computer you get a USB-C port and a headphone jack, and on the right, you just get the solo USB-C port. excellent, as a minimum I’m able to price this computer from both aspects. well, no. most effective the left jack accepts power, and also you’ll get an on-display notification to apply it in case you attempt plugging a charger into the right one. It’s 2017, years after Google showed the way to try this with the Chromebook Pixel 2, and new laptops are nonetheless failing to match the simplicity of getting a charging-capable port on each side of the laptop.

With the shortage of connectivity alternatives from the MateBook X. Huawei is thoughtful enough to include a USB-C adapter for HDMI, VGA, and  USB port, plus a USB-C pass-through. you may use that port to pass power into the MateBook X’s left port, however, the display can only be connected to the PC’s right port.

HUAWEI MATEBOOK X LAPTOP REVIEW If the influence you’re growing up to now is one in every of extraordinary hardware engineering and sloppy software implementation, you’re at the right music. The notifications advising me how now not to apply the USB ports are part of Huawei’s MateBook manager, which — in the spirit of all different first-party pc management software — simply duplicates simple home windows capabilities and probably uses up too many system sources. Maximum of the manager dialogs are written in broken English, and that you only find it useful as a driver update software.

Huawei hasn’t laden the MateBook X with a multitude of extra bloatware to sluggish things down — it’s simply running a Signature version of Windows 10 that eschews bloatware — and if you avoid the usage of the jittery touchpad, the computer feels clean and responsive. That’s to be predicted from the top spec of center i7-7500U CPU and 8GB of RAM — that is ok for simple and net-based responsibilities, however, shouldn’t be taken into consideration for expert multimedia work with equipment like Adobe’s Lightroom. additionally, the bottom of the system can get clearly hot while it’s running at full electricity, so it’s quality ideal for lighter duties.

This would be the point wherein I’d endorse the MateBook X is designed to serve extremely-mobile purposes and to be a journalist or pupil’s quality be an aware-taking buddy, but that awful touchpad maintains resurfacing as a complex sore spot.


Battery life was my biggest issue going into this MateBook X assessment, and I was alas proper to fear. You will get greater than six hours off a single fee with the MateBook X, even when you’re being frightfully green and simply be writing in a lightweight text editor and be surfing the web. Commonly, this pc will start traumatic a charger around the five-hour mark, which to me is an unacceptable exchange-off for its excessive thinness. I’d fortuitously tolerate a thicker system with a battery large than the MateBook’s 5,449mAh.


This laptop’s display is a part of its persistence trouble. At 2160 x 1440, it has a satisfyingly high resolution, however, every extra pixel on it comes with a battery life price. You additionally find yourself having to elevate the MateBook X’s brightness up above the mid-level mark, that is an issue the MateBook stocks with the modern day MacBook seasoned models: each laptop model require improved brightness for comfortable viewing. You need to disable Huawei’s auto-brightness due to the fact that attempts to cheat by aggressively dimming the display screen.

HUAWEI MATEBOOK X LAPTOP REVIEW I must underline that I do very just like the MateBook X’s display. Its minimal bezels are delightfully absent, and although it has a smooth Gorilla Glass cover, it seems to have very low reflectivity. I simply desire it didn’t make me sense guilty about running down the battery each time I open it up and set an affordable brightness.

the additionally worthy of commendation is the Dolby Atmos sound that Huawei proudly advertises at the container of the MateBook X. In terms of speaker output, that is one of the great-sounding laptops You would experience yet, and that I don’t specifically care if Dolby or Huawei merits the reward for it. The bass is a chunk light, but the clarity, even at high volumes, is awesome. in contrast to likely some other computer available, I find no piercing treble spikes to fear about. It’s just excellent.

The topic of my time with Huawei’s MateBook X has been a series of delightful little touches — consisting of the fingerprint sensor integrated without delay into the power button — spoiled with the aid of a less numerous but more critical set of displeasing downsides. The keyboard’s incredible, but the touchpad’s rubbish. The display is exceptional, however, the battery doesn’t last. The laptop’s feather-light, but it forces You to carry dongles everywhere.

HUAWEI MATEBOOK X LAPTOP REVIEW I absolutely wanted to like the Huawei MateBook X. If I needed to comic strip my ideal laptop, I’d draw something very much like this extraordinarily skinny, extraordinarily nicely-built computer. however, i can’t use it for its intended purpose as a go-everywhere ultraportable computer due to its atrocious touchpad. or even if I convey a wireless mouse along, the MateBook X’s battery we could me down.

just like closing winter’s MacBook Pro refresh, this MateBook leaves me feeling like I’ve sampled the destiny of laptops upfront. Huawei could stay with this exact identical layout for the subsequent half decade and it wouldn’t feel old or out of the vicinity. all the company needs to do is capitalize on its engineering strength by way of offering greater simple software for normal use.

Give user a bigger battery, charging on each side, and a reliable trackpad, and they’ll gladly pay for the privilege of that sweet-sounding Dolby audio system and adorable-looking display.

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