iOS 12: Instead of new features focus on performance and security

Apple is said to have completely reorganized its plans for iOS. For 2018 and therefore iOS 12, the focus would be on the performance and reliability of the operating system. Some planned new functions and designs moved Apple to 2019.

Since we just wrote down a wish list with new features for iOS 12 , as a message from the US news site Axios nullifies our hopes. Apple has taken the massive criticism of the performance and reliability of iOS 11 to heart and therefore converted the work on iOS 12 in favor of a stable software and to the detriment of new features and design changes.

New homescreen design until 2019

According to Axios Ina Fried, Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi announced the new plans for iOS 12 in January 2018 to the company’s developers.¬†Among other things, the redesign of the home screen and the user interface while driving were postponed to 2019.¬†Also, you probably have to wait even longer for extensive improvements to the mail app and when taking, editing and sharing photos.

Still, you do not have to do without new functions on iOS 12: there should still be improvements in augmented reality, the health app¬†and parental controls¬†.¬†Apple’s priority is to make the iPhones less prone to making mistakes.¬†Only under the hood, the developers of Apple namely can not work.¬†As important as security and performance are, they are not directly visible – and users are really happy about usable new functions.

The changed focus should have no impact on the iOS 12 schedule.¬†Say: In June, at Apple’s developer conference WWDC, the beta version will be released for testing and with the new iPhones in September the final version – of course, for older models.

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