New AirPods gestures on iOS 11: How to unlock the functions

So far, Apple has specified which action a double –Ā tappingĀ on theĀ AirPodsĀ triggers.Ā This changes with iOS 11. Under the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, there are several actions to choose from.

Siri start and answer call: These were, apart from the possibility to switch to another call, or hang up, so far the only two functions of the double-tapping on the AirPods.

Five options for the double-tap gesture

To configure the AirPod's double-tap gesture, you need to go to iOS 11's settingsTo configure the AirPod’s double-tap gesture, you need to go to iOS 11’s settings and select the AirPods in the Bluetooth submenu.Ā Under the item “On AirPod double-tapping” you can assign both ear studs with one function each.

You can now choose between Siri or the activation of the voice assistant, start and pause for music playback and the jump to the next or previous track.Ā As a fifth option, the double-tap gesture can also be deactivated.Ā The functions for incoming calls or ongoing telephone calls remain unchanged.

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