Playstation 4: These 15 setting tips really help

You want to tickle the maximum comfort of your Playstation 4 system?¬†We’ve come up with a few helpful setting tips that will make you even more enjoyable with long-lasting daddel sessions and sprawling movie and series entertainment.

With a few simple steps, many very useful comfort functions can be used on the Playstation 4.¬†You can improve your privacy, customize the controller’s button mapping across games, and take advantage of a primary system – with the right settings.¬†We have 15 tips for you that you probably do not know all yet.¬†Here we go!

Take a better shot

The easiest way to capture screenshots of your best and most beautiful gaming moments is to set the option for “Simple Screen Shots” as quickly as possible.¬†In the menu “Share and Transfer” you can set that you just have to press the share button once, to quickly and easily create a screenshot of the exact right moment.

See better

If you have to take into account a visual deficiency, then it is recommended in the settings under “Accessibility” the options for inverting the colors.¬†Also the font size and the contrast can be customized here optionally and completely according to your wishes.¬†The Zoom options also allow you to zoom in on a particular screen area.¬†If you then press the PS button and at the same time the square button, you can use the left mini-stick to determine which area should be enlarged.¬†Press the circle button to return to normal view.

Better control

Also under the item “Accessibility” you will find the possibility to customize the buttons of the PS4-Controller individually to your needs.¬†Especially useful for players with limited mobility, this setting is of course useful for many other players.¬†Use the button “Button Assignment” to easily and quickly adjust the button layout for all games.

Share better

If you want to make better use of your “Playstation Plus” subscription and allow other players on your console to access your games, then you simply need to identify your PS4 as the “Primary System”.¬†Your pre-orders from the Playstation Store will also automatically be downloaded if you have this setting enabled.¬†Go to the menu “Account Management” and check the box “Activate as Primary System”.

Rest better

The Sleep mode, where you can put the Playstation 4 in the “power saving settings”, allows you to use some other useful features: Activate the option “USB port power” to charge the controller while your Daddelkiste take a nap holds.¬†You can also just keep your current application running if you check “Stop application”.¬†Then you can – if you wake up the PS4 from the Sleeping Beauty sleep – easily continue without loading times at the point where you left off.¬†Probably the best option for hibernation is probably “Stay connected to the Internet”.¬†In this way, the PS4 can then pull updates for games and you can easily launch large downloads on the go via smartphone,

Make better use of

It can happen that an application in the main menu has a small lock and you can not start it.¬†This is because something is wrong with the license for the application.¬†Under “Account Management” you will find the item “Restore License”.¬†After a short wait, you should then be able to use the application again as usual.

Play better

You want to stay undisturbed while playing or bingeing and to stop the sometimes annoying pop-up inserts?¬†Then decide for yourself which messages you want to see and which not.¬†In the menu “Messages” you can quickly set what should be displayed.¬†The option “disable pop-ups during video playback” is probably super-minded, but even then only to get a message, if very specific people on your friends list go online, you should not underestimate.

Log in better

You can also customize the registration process of your Playstation 4.¬†For example, activates the “Automatically log in to PS4” feature to log in to PSN right now with your profile when you boot up the console.¬†You can also activate the entry of a four-digit PIN code under “Login Passcode Management” to additionally secure your profile.¬†Of course, the face recognition via Playstation Camera works to recognize you immediately as a user and log in to PSN.

Speak better

You can even give your PS4 a name under the menu item “System” and use it to control the console by voice command.¬†Simply activate “PS4 voice control” and then call “Playstation” into a connected microphone or the Playstation camera and then follow the instructions on the screen to call up a variety of functions in the truest sense of the word.

Better secure

You want to move from a normal PS4 to the more powerful Playstation 4 Pro?¬†Then it’s best to do the following: To completely erase your data from the system’s hard drive, use the Initialize PS4 option.¬†Here you should definitely choose the variant “full”, to be sure.¬†Before you do that, however, it is advisable to create a back-up or at least to load your most important savegames into the cloud.

Collect better

You are even crazy about the Playstation trophies and are looking for the right tutorial for one or the other reward to release it?¬†Then simply select the trophy you want to call your own in the trophy overview, just the Options button and use the “Search the Internet” feature.¬†Then the browser opens and you get a variety of guides and videos to choose from that bring you closer to receiving the trophy.

Change better

To quickly switch between different open applications, simply press the PS button on the controller twice in succession. So you can call the last two applications in succession. This works only if it is a game and another PS4 application. For example, the browser, the store, the trophy view or the PS Plus overview.

Better to do it

You want to see at a glance what benefits you can get from your Playstation Plus subscription? Then all you have to do is click on the plus icon in the left-hand menu on the left. Here you can manage your membership and extend it if necessary or use the overview of currently available free games, so you do not miss a single month.

Enter better

Many players find the text input via mini-stick in the numerous menus quite cumbersome. Here you can also use the motion sensors of the PS4 controller to make the stick obsolete. Simply press the right stick and a small circle will appear, which you can now move on the screen by moving the gamepad. The input confirmation is still done via the X-key.

Adapt better

Even the quick menu, which appears when you keep the PS button pressed a little longer, can be adjusted to your liking.¬†Choose “Customize” here and you’ll be able to categorize the applications available here as best suited to your needs.

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