Pure White essential cellphone can now be ordered at essential.com


The essential cellphone is already a fabulous phone in its debut Moon Black, however, for us, tech enthusiasts appear to have an issue for panda-themed cell-phones (black front, white lower back). just take a look at how many people show interest over the ‘Black & White’ Pixel 2 XL. however, before the Pixel 2 XL become even unveiled, essential already had a natural White version of the PH-1 in the works. And now, it is subsequently on the market.

pure white essential phone

Aside from the new color, there aren’t any other adjustments to the critical smartphone. The lower back continues to be ceramic, and the frame nevertheless titanium. it truly is true, because the PH-1 is already one of the most properly-designed telephones on the market. This isn’t even the remaining color variant important could be freeing; ‘Stellar gray’ and ‘Ocean Depths’ nevertheless aren’t out.

important claims that the natural White PH-1 is now to be had from its site, Amazon, pleasant purchase, and sprint, however, the only site you may clearly get one proper now is essential.com. Amazon is displaying it as shipping in a single to 2 months, a high-quality purchase is simply displaying it as ‘coming soon’ for each the unlocked and ‘out of stock’ for the sprint models, and sprint doesn’t even show it as a choice. possibly the following day we’ll see the one’s websites up to date.

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Source Essential (Facebook)

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