Samsung coming up with Bixby 2.0 and Project Ambience

Samsung to compete against rivals like Amazon and Google


Samsung’s developer conference announces their new vision for Bixby and connected home. Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistance is ready to take on rival companies like Amazon and Google. Their voice assistance, namely ‘Alexa’ and ‘Ok Google‘ respectively has already gained much popularity. Bixby was first launched in the new S8 series but the response hasn’t been great. Bixby was launched only months ago, but Samsung has already made plans for its successor, Bixby 2.0.

SmartThings was also on the agenda in the conference. Samsung clarified their vision for a connected home under the SmartThings umbrella. There was a new hardware on show too, with Project Ambience set to bring Bixby to more devices.

Whats new in Bixby 2.0?


Bixby 2.0 will be a better and smarter version of Bixby. Samsung is making Bixby 2.0 more open source by giving developers the opportunity to create their own software. Bixby will face tuff competition from Apple’s Siri, Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa.

Samsung is planning to bring the software to all of their appliances starting from TVs and fridges. Samsung has a wide range of products starting from ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, smartphones and much more. So, they will be having an advantage over other voice assistance because none of them has the same breed of product as Samsung has. Bixby could feasibly appear in washing machines, speakers, printers, laptops and smart hubs as well as TVs, smartphones and fridges.

Samsung has some big ideas how Bixby 2.0 could be used in all these appliances. It will learn from what we do with the machine it is built into. Bixby on a smart TV will learn what you like to watch and point the channels and shows which you might like as soon as you turn on the set. Bixby on a refrigerator will let you know when you are running out of some food items, it will tell you when some food items are getting expired and even suggest you recipes from what you have in the refrigerator.

This will be the next step for virtual assistance.

Project Ambience

Project Ambience

Samsung has also announced to launch a smart speaker. It will connect to your existing speakers and make them smart. Although Google home Mini is already there but with Samsung coming up with Bixby 2.0, the smart speaker is no surprise. This small speaker will connect to the internet and will play music on your command. It will also be able to search the internet to answer your questions.

CTO Injong Rhee at the Samsung Developer Conference said,”These inexpensive dongles can be placed anywhere.This means you can turn your home into an intelligent home at a lower cost.”

The smart speaker can also be embedded in devices like lamps and plugs. This way, Samsung is planning to turn your home into a smart home by bringing Bixby to every home appliance. This could be the start of Samsung’s vision of the future.


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