These tricks keep Apple’s AirPods much better in the ear

The AirPods Apple does not fit either ear. With two little tricks you can drastically improve the hold of the headphones.

Unlike many other completely wireless headphones, the AirPods can not be adapted to different ear sizes. Apple delivers its one-size-fits-all in-ear headphones and promises to fit most people. If you are one of the exceptions, we have two tips that can be adapted to larger ears and still fit into their pouch.

Glue dots or foam coating

For the first trick you need a punch and waterproof plaster from the roll. This not only stops sweat and rain, but is roughened on the outside, thus providing more grip. The patch is also thinner and more compatible with the skin than non-slip adhesive tape. With the punch you punched glue dots out of the pavement. Now begins the experiment phase: Find the spots on the AirPod where the glue dots provide the best grip. A user in the Macrumors forum has already achieved a better grip with four points. He stuck them to the top and bottom of the earplugs at the level of the sensor Рthe black dot on the inside.

The second trick is a bit “invasive”: you’ll need small foam covers for headphones, a thin felt-tip pen, a needle or cannula, and a lighter.¬†Pull the foam covers over the AirPods and mark the points where the two sensors are located with the felt tip pen. Remove the covers, heat the needle with the lighter and burn small holes to the marked areas.¬†Otherwise, the sensors would be blocked and the¬†AirPods¬†¬†would not work properly.¬†Now pull the foam over the ear pieces again.¬†Now they should hold better and, just like in the variant with the adhesive dots, still fit into the case for charging.

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