Use AirPods for Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby

The¬†AirPods¬†Apple can also be used without an iPhone.¬†However, if you use the headphones with an Android smartphone, you will not be able to access Siri.¬†Instead, Google Assistant or Bixby will be available on request.¬†We’ll explain what you need to do for it.

Install required app

With the AirPods you can call Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby via an app.¬†First, get “AirPodsForGA” from the¬†Google Play Store¬†.¬†If you have the program installed, you need to open it.¬†As long as the app is running in the background on your Android smartphone, you can start the wizard via the wireless headphones with a gesture.

Call assistants via gesture

Like with an iPhone, you need to double-tap one of the AirPods earphones to call the wizard on your smartphone – “AirPodsForGA” makes it possible.¬†If your Android device has Google Assistant set as default, it will then accept your commands.¬†For example, if you own the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, Bixby may communicate with you instead.

Limitations of the app

With the app “AirPodsForGA” you can not always get the assistant via shortcut via the AirPods from the deep sleep.¬†If you are actively using the device and, for example, currently using a media app in the foreground, the jogging gesture may not work: it is possible that some applications will then block the function of “AirPodsForGA” as long as they are actively being used.

If your smartphone is in standby mode and the screen is locked, the tip gesture for calling up Assistant or Bixby usually works flawlessly.¬†But you should make sure that “AirPodsForGA” also has the permission to perform background activities.

Start Google Assistant and Bixby with voice command

As an alternative to gesture control, you can also get the Assistant or Bixby on an Android smartphone via voice command from deep sleep.¬†This works as usual, as soon as you use “Okay Google” or “Hey Bixby” as a command.¬†Under certain circumstances, the typing gesture of the AirPods should be more comfortable in everyday life.¬†However, which method you like better, you have to decide for yourself.


  • You can use the AirPods to call the Google Assistant or Bixby via tap gesture when using an Android smartphone with the headphones
  • Install the program “AirPodsForGA” from the¬†Google Play Store
  • If the app is running in the background, you must tap one of the earphones twice to wake up the assistant
  • This works without problems when your Android smartphone is in standby mode
  • If you’re using another app in the foreground, it could block the function of “AirPodsForGA” while it’s active
  • Altzernativ awakens the Google Assistant with the words “Okay, Google” on
  • Bixby starts her with the voice command “Hey Bixby”

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