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About Us

Piefone.com is a blog committed to everything identified with Android and ios. We trust you to make the most of our written work and subscribe to refreshes utilizing the catches on the right.

Our staff is always scouring the Internet for the most recent Android/ios news, sharing tips, traps, instructional exercises, recordings, and podcasts, evaluating gadgets, applications, and diversions, and monitoring custom ROMs and hacks.

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Piefone Product Review Ethics Statement

We take the target appraisal of the items we get for audit amazingly genuinely. Notwithstanding, basic practice in the innovation item industry implies that a minority of the items we audit are sent as “tests.” This industry term implies that occasionally an item is sent to us with no desire that it become back to the individual or organization asking for a survey. This does not mean the survey is “supported,” “paid,” or generally adjusted – it just means we don’t have to send the item back. Once in a while, if at any point, are we unequivocally advised before checking on an item that we don’t have to return it. When all is said in done, we work under the suspicion that any item we survey is something we would be required to send back. Individual objectivity is our most astounding objective as a major aspect of any item audit, and we guarantee to dependably “call it like we see it.”

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You will appreciate working with our exceptionally specialized, yet fun, staff, while presenting your substance to a great many individuals and getting paid for it, travel, and access occasions and the most recent equipment. Look at this post for every one of the points of interest.

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