Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Avast, a brand name that almost ever PC users know about. At the beginning of the Avast, it was truly known for the excellent performing anti-virus systems. The anti-virus that every other person recommends to others because Avast was very good at providing top class software at that time.

Just like any other anti-virus in the market, Avast was also available for free as well as a premium version was also there to purchase. Since it requires you to purchase the premium version to use the additional features and premium functions of the anti-virus. The free version did the job for most of the users.

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Later on, Avast did not stop after making anti-virus software. Although, Avast has its own VPN Software and an Anti-tracking system as well. What more could consumers expect? Avast even has cloud tools and programs for business and home as well. This brand is known to users for a long time now, and consumers trust this brand a lot.

So, we are here to test out the Avast Cleanup Premium. Well, it is a system tune-up suite. According to Avast, this suite can boost your PC’s performance up to some extent. Not only that, it can even free up your computer’s disk space as well as fixes issues with the PC. As you open Avast anti-virus app, you will see Avast Cleanup Premium under the Performance tab. It says that Avast Cleanup can clean Junk files, Inefficient System Settings, and even the Redundant apps.

You might be receiving a lot of emails which say about their cleanup suites, but Avast is the real deal.

Avast Cleanup Premium In Quick

As the name is suggesting here, it is clearly a cleanup software for your PC. And you are in dire need for this software if you feel that your PC is not performing well as it did before. However, the premium behind the name is because it is available to use only if you purchase the software. Since the brand has a huge user base, you can trust this and buy one package for you as well. The Avast Cleanup Premium costs around $49.99 per year for one user. There are other packages as well which last longer. It costs $89.99 for two years and $129.99 for three years. This might not be an easy deal for some users, but you can get a free trial and test it out for yourself.

Avast Cleanup Premium Quick ReView

Features you get with Avast Cleanup Premium

There are lots of amazing features that you will get in the Premium version of the Avast Cleanup. So, let’s just dive into the list of features.

1. Remove Unnecessary Software Data

The first feature that will help you a lot in your daily life is that Avast Cleanup Premium removes all the old software data. And, as a result, it cleans a lot of disk space and your PC gets a chance to breathe again. Apart from the unnecessary software data that you hold up in your PC. Avast Cleanup will delete all the obsolete and redundant files that are of no use to you.

2. Removes Old Uninstalled Files

Another feature that you will get with the Avast Cleanup Premium is that it can easily find and delete the program files and data which you have already deleted. Most of the disk space is usually full because of such files. And, cleaning up such files become a hefty task for a person. So better buy the Avast Cleanup Premium and do this task easily in just a few clicks.

3. Backup

Before you proceed to clean your junky PC, make sure you have done backing up all the important stuff on your computer. We recommend you to back up because anything could go wrong and you can lose some of your important files or system settings. You can back up the registry settings before running the software on your computer. However, Avast is very good at cleaning up PC, but we can’t be sure about the apps on your PC and how they will behave with the registry cleaner. So, to be a hundred percent sure, it is good to be on the safer side from the beginning.

4. Registry Cleanup Utilities

One of the best and main features that Avast Cleanup premium provides is that it optimizes the redundant entries on your computer. The registry cleanup utilities are the core function of the Avast Cleanup Premium which comes very handy when it comes to clean up the PC. This feature goes through all the registry entries and looks for the corrupt entries, errors, and inconsistencies. Also, it corrects and helps to clean up the useless entries.

5. Disables Apps with heavy boot time

One of the amazing features that Avast Cleanup Premium provides is that it disables the apps with heavy boot time. There are a lot of apps on our computers that we don’t actually know about. And, some of the background services also. Such apps and services take a lot of time while booting up the Computer which decreases the speed of the PC. Avast Cleanup Premium smartly recognizes these apps and services and kills any background service which makes the booting up any slower.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth the price?

It is still a matter of confusion for most of the people out there whether registry cleaners are any good for the PC. Well, we will try to clear out this confusion for you. If you are a heavy computer user and keep installing and uninstalling apps quite frequently. So, if you try it out after doing this usual stuff for years and then clean up your PC, you will definitely see a performance boost. On the other hand, if you are either a new user or someone who cleans up the PC, you might not see any performance boost at all.

avast cleanup premium price and review

We are not trying to say that cleaning up old files is not necessary, it is actually. Small tweaks like cleaning up old files on the computer, and deleting junk do a lot to help the computer run smoothly. Rather doing all this manually and spending hours, you can try out Avast Cleanup Premium and do all this in few minutes.

Another benefit of having the Avast Cleanup Premium on your PC is that you need not take the burden of cleaning it up regularly. Avast Cleanup Premium will do the right job for you. Not only that, it keeps looking at your PCs usage and gives you suggestions accordingly. Without thinking much, you will feel relaxed as Avast is a well-known brand and you can definitely trust its services. 

Although, Avast Cleanup Premium does not promise to make your computer run the programs that it could not do before. That is not the performance boost that you must be expecting here. It will only try to make some room on your computer. So that every other app that you run has some vacant space and memory to run smoothly. Therefore, it basically makes the computer run up to its top mark which most of the computers don’t because of the junk.

So, should you spend $50 a year on Avast Cleanup Premium? The answer is yes. If you are having a really old computer and want to clean it up quickly and maintain it. Because the old PCs require a cleanup more than any other machine. However, if you have a habit of maintaining the computer’s hygiene on a regular basis. And, you have a piece of good knowledge about cleaning up the computer, then you can surely skip this software.

Wrapping Up

Avast Cleanup Premium is a well known and proven solution for old computers which are filled with junk files. You can definitely try this out. And, you will surely see a performance boost if your computer has a lot of junk files right now. Because it does its best job in cleaning up the PC in just a few minutes. Moreover, it monitors the computer’s usage and cleans the PC regularly.

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