Mini Body Camera is a small size camera that can fit even in your pocket. This is a tool you see in a bond film. Now, you can own one at an affordable price. Other than just showing off the gadget to your friends, the camera has lots of useful features which have real-life capabilities. Such as a high megapixel camera, storage, etc. Hence, if you are looking to buy a mini Body Camera, take a look at the following list of the top 10 Mini Body Camera to buy right now.

The 10 Best Mini Body Camera

1. ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P

ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P Wearable Mini Hidden Spy Pen Camera Portable Cop Pocket Cam

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This is a spy pen camera that is easy to use with just the click of a button. This camera is fully functional with a USB drive and stores up to 8 hours of video at stunning 1080p@30fps HD video with no blurry footage. Its battery lasts easily for 180 minutes.

2. PELDA Mini Body Camera

Hidden Camera,PELDA Mini Camera Home Secruity Spy Cam HD 1080P Portable Body Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection for Baby/Elder/Pet Monitor Fit Indoor Outdoor Using

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This spy camera has a unique feature of recording automatically if it detects any moving object. It autosaves a file in every two minutes with a continuous cycle. It also has night vision with 6pcs 940nm Infrared light. The camera shouts in HD 1920*1080P video resolution and has a built-in 170 mAh battery.

3. NIYPS Small Mini Camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera,NIYPS 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detective,Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Home and Office

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This is the smallest mini camera in the world with 0.87in cube. It records in 1920X1080P HD at 30fps. It also has night vision with 4pcs IR led lights for a clear display. The camera supports 240mAh battery and 32 GB memory card. Fully charged mini camera can work for 50 minutes.

4. ASPWISH Mini Body Camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera, Full HD 1080P Smallest Spy Body Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection, Wireless Nanny Cop Cam for Home Security Monitoring, Action Cam with Loop Recording, No WiFi Need

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This is another small camera with less than an inch cube. It shoots and captures at 1920X1080P. It also supports night vision with IR light and 32GB memory card. It also features an intelligent movement vision. Plus all of this is priced at an unaffordable price.

5. DFZTech hidden Mini Camera

Mini Body Camera with USB Port DZFtech Body Spy Cam HD 1080P Wireless Portable Hidden Spy Pen Body Cameras Wearable Video Recorder with Clip Body Camera Easy to Record for Home/Office

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This is a bit bigger camera than others on the list. However, you can easily hide in your pocket. It records in standard resolution. The main selling point is its battery life which lasts for more 3 hours which is much larger than an average mini body camera.

6. MRSGUO Mini Wi-Fi body Camera

Mini WiFi Camera,MRSGUO Spy Wireless Hidden HD 1080P Portable Home Security Small Nanny Cam with Motion Activated/Night Vision Plus

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This mini camera comes with 320mAh built-in rechargeable battery which records 60 minutes straight. It also supports a 10000mAh battery pack to record up to 30 hours. It is one of the few Mini Camera that supports WIFI (Only 2.4GHZ). You can also live stream the recording on “HICAM IPC” app.

7. GZDL Police Mini Body Camera

GZDL Police Body Camera with Night Vision for Law Enforcement Video Recorder - HD 1080P Motion Detection - Surveillance Pocket Body Worn Camera - Mini Portable Body Camera Wifi Wireless with Phone App

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This camera is designed to be mounted on virtually anything. It has features like remote access control and night vision equipped with high-intensity IR. It can record a clear image up to 30 feet in the dark. With 1080P recording and 170° wide angle, you are assured of the best quality.

8. No Wi-Fi spy camera

Spy Camera no Wi-Fi Needed - Hidden Camera Motion Activated - Mini Body Camera - Nanny Hidden Small Cam - Tiny Spy Hidden Camera - Spy Hidden Cameras for Home - Easy to Use Portable Hidden Recorder

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Its unique feature is it can record even during charging. With one push-button recording, the camera can record for 90 minutes continuously. User has the option to switch between FHD and HD. It also has a premium package which gives one year in warranty. Rest of its features are industry standard.

9. Newwings Mini Body Camera

Newwings Mini Body Camera, 1080P/720P Portable Wearable Video Recorder with Motion Detection, Small Pocket Security Camera Sports DV Cam

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This black hidden camera is easily camouflaged as a button. It records in 1080p and feature motion detection. It saves video after every five minutes and is powered by an in-house 560mah rechargeable battery. This can also act as a Mini DV which can record for 3 hours straight.

10. Sunggo 1080P Portable Small Camera

Waterproof Mini Hidden Spy Camera, Sunggo 1080P Portable Small Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision,12MP 155 Degree Wide Angle Nanny Camera, Perfect Surveillance Camera for Home and Office.

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This is a multi-use camera with 1080P HD Video recording and 155 Degree Viewing Angle. It is equipped with a 12MP image sensor, Motion Detection, and Night Vision Camera. The major plus point is it is waterproof and can be mounted at any desirable place. 


As we can see, you have a lot of options to pick from. All of which are smart Mini Body Camera with its own unique feature. Select the one which fits your requirement and use it to your advantage as James Bond does in his movies.

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