Best Phone Armband in 2020 – Editors Pick & Review On Running Phone Holder

We can agree that bringing some music to the road is always helpful while running. At such time earphone and your smartphone is the best friend. But phones are getting heavier & slippery with these days. It’s easy for them bouncing off to the ground from your pocket, breaking the mood and if unfortunate enough cracking the screen too. It takes only one nasty fall to get your precious screen ripped to pieces.

The Need of Phone Armband

However, nobody wants to lose out on the much helpful features such as the fitness tracking apps, Gps or the music while going on the road. But how do we do it without getting frustrated?

One of the most popular solutions that smart runners rely on these days is a running phone armband.

Carrying your phone was never as easy as with an armband. This running gear firmly holds your phone to the arm and gives you full access to the screen taking away your worries of a cracked screen. Want to know what else it brings to the table? Dig right in.

Best Phone Armband – Our Top 10 Pickup

Phone Armbands come in all shapes and size depending on the phone’s model and it is crucial to know about the perfect one customized for your phone. Below are some of the best phone armbands which stood out than the rest. You can pick up any of them according to your Smartphone model.

let’s dive right into our favorite running phone holders available out there

1. TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case
TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

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Offering 10 different color variations and stitches to choose from and a premium dual adjustable elastic strap which easily fits any arm size from 9-16 inches, the Tribe Water-resistant Armband comes in two sizes :

  • S for iPhone X, Xs, 8, 7, 6, 6S Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6, A8
  • M for iPhone Xs Max, XR, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, S8 Plus, A8 Plus, Note 4/5/8/9

It also features a thick reflective border for safe running in low light conditions as well as a handy built-in key holder. The ultra-plush high-grade material used in the water-resistant armband is designed to flex with you during your toughest workouts without loosening.

It offers full protection to your phone without compromising with the functionality allowing easy access to the touch screen and headphone jack and is also backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that the company will give a complete refund or a free replacement in case you are not satisfied with the purchase. Isn’t that a crazy deal?

Compatible Phone Models
iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s,iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy A8 Plus, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4

2. VUP Running Armband Android and IOS – Runners Up

VUP Running phone Armband
VUP Running phone Armband

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A universal armband in a true sense because of its compatibility with screen sizes ranging from 4-6.5 inches, the VUP Running Armband is the definition of convenience.

The flexibility of rotating the phone through 360 degrees while still attached is even made better with the capability of detaching the phone when required. Silicone straps are engineered and to not block the face id and the screen area where the sliding up option is available.

Along with a trendy fit and 3 color options to choose from, the VUP running armband comes with a highly elastic and adjustable velcro with two slots -A & B, for fitting bigger and smaller arm sizes respectively. It can also fit phones with Otterbox/Lifeproof cases as mentioned in the compatibility list.

One of the most convenient picks for comfortable sessions of running, cycling or hiking – the VUP Running armband also comes with a 30 day satisfied or a fully-backed 3-year warranty.

Compatible Phone Models
Google Pixel, Google Pixel 3, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X,iPhone XR, Xs Max/Xs/X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus, SAMSUNG Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, S8/S8 Plus, S7/S7 Edge, Note 8, Note 9, Google Pixel 3/3 XL/2/2 XL, Huawei Mate 10 Pro/20 Pro/P20 Pro, OnePlus 6/6T, LG G6/G7/G7 ThinQ, Nexus 6P/7

3. Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Phone Armband – Best Value

Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Phone Armband
Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Phone Armband

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Another quality armband which was appreciated by almost all of our team members while testing is the Newppon 180. It allows you to swivel the phone to your desired angle while on the go with its 180-degree rotation feature and grants the relief of strapping the phone on to it without removing the safety case.

The flexible elastic case allows you to fit even an iPad Mini and comes on top of an adjustable strap which can be used either as an armband or a wristband as per your convenience. The adjustable strap is perforated for airflow between the phone and the arm and features two slots like in the VUP armband for the best fit.

A hidden key holder, earphone cord management facility, the ease of fixing your phone up on the band which features a layer of silicon beads to prevent slipping and the sweat and waterproof PU strap are some of the aces features that it brings along.

In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the armband, the company has a “brilliant no questions asked refund” or free replacement policy to make sure you make the most satisfying purchase.

Compatible Phone Models
Apple: iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6S 6 Plus / 5S / SE / 4 etc;, Samsung Galaxy S5/ S6/ S7 Edge / S8/ S8 Plus/ Note 5 / Note 8;, LG: LG V10 / LG G Vista 2 / LG G Flex 2 / LG G Stylo / LG Stylus 2 E520 / Stylo 2 LS775 / LG G3;, Motorola: Moto X/G, Droid Turbo 2 / Droid Maxx 2, X Pure Edition;HTC One/ Desire; Nexus 5/5P/6P; Oneplus 1/2/3/3T;, Sony: Xperia C5 Ultra, Xperia Z5 Premium; Huawei P8/P9/P10(Plus&Lite); Huawei Mate 7/8/9

4. Quad Lock Run Kit – Armband for iPhone X/XS – Best for X/XS

Quad Lock Run Kit for iPhone X armband
Quad Lock Run Kit for iPhone X armband

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If you are looking specifically for an armband for your iPhone X/Xs and don’t mind putting in some extra bucks for the most premium Sports Armband custom made for your phone then the Quad Lock Run Kit is what you are looking for.

The Quad Lock Run kit features a patented dual-stage lock system for keeping your iPhone secure during the fastest of movements. The Kit comes with a phone case which can be mounted to the sports armband and also to an array of different mounts for bikes, cars or tripod stands (to be bought separately).

The Sports Armband feels pretty comfortable as the phone sits slightly above the armband leading to no friction between the arm and the phone and hence no sweat. The tough protective case also nullifies the requirement of buying a life proof case for the phone

A similar version of the Quad lock Run Kit is also available for iPhone 8/7 and for iPhone 8s/7s

The simple twist and lock mechanism of the armband makes it easier to attach and detach the phone without the hassle of fitting your phone in a pouch.

Compatible Phone Models
iPhone X, iPhone XS

5. Waterproof Running Armband for iPhone X

iPhone X -10 Waterproof Running Armband
iPhone X -10 Waterproof Running phone Armband

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A brilliant and affordable alternative to the Quad Lock Run Kit is Revere Sport’s iPhone X/10 Waterproof Running Armband. Priced at just 15 dollars, the armband has a bright reflector strip for safe running sessions at night. It also features a large key pocket for your house keys along with a handy cash/card pocket.

The flexibility of unlocking your home screen without removing the phone from the band, easily accessible headphone ports, slipping in the phone in the slot without removing the slim case and the lightweight design makes carrying a phone on your runs so much easier.

The adjustable armband by Revere Sport features an extender strap to fit all arm sizes from 9 inches to a muscular 17.5 inches. The material used in the armband is lycra and it prevents every drop of water and sweat from getting to the phone.

It comes in various sizes each specifically designed for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone plus in addition to the iPhone X model and every variation has a 30-day money-back and lifetime replacement guarantee in case deemed not fit after use.

Compatible Phone Models
iPhone X

6. Portholic Sweat Resistant phone Armband

PORTHOLIC Sweat Resistant phone Armband
PORTHOLIC Sweat Resistant phone Armband

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The Portholic Armband is stretchy enough to bend and move comfortably even during your bicep workouts and yet will not stretch over time. This armband is smartly packed to not cause any kind of skin irritations.

The awesome sweatproof armband has a lightweight design with a foam padding which works as a barrier to moisture from sweat. The phone is placed slightly above the skin because of the bumper design which restricts sweat from accumulating.

A hidden card pocket, easy volume control, cutouts for easy access to headphone and charging ports, a 100% money-back guarantee, easy sweat-free access to the touch screen and a vented strap for keeping your arms cool while running is some of the neat features that the band brings.

Comfortably fitting any arm size between 7.5 to 18.5 inches with an extended strap and the capacity to accommodate phones with screen sizes up to 6.7 inches (without case) is designed for comfort.

Compatible Phone Models
Apple iPhone xs, iPhone xs max, iPhone XR, iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, galaxy s8, galaxy s8 plus, galaxy s7, galaxy s7 edge, galaxy s6, galaxy s6 edge, s5, s4, note 5, note 4, note 3, pixel xl, pixel, nexus 5x, nexus 6p, nexus 6,, LG g3, LG g4, LG g5, LG g6, LG g4, LG v20, LG v10, htc 10, htc 11, htc on a9, htc one m9, htc one m8, Motorola droid turbo, moto x, htc desire eye, htc one remix, Sony Xperia z4, z3, 2, Nokia, iPod, Sony Xperia z4, z3, 2, Nokia, one plus 1/2/3/3T, Huawei P8/P9/P10(Plus & Lite), Huawei vlate 7/8/9, Xiaomi note3, google pixel

7. i2 Gear Cell Phone Armband/ Running phone holder

i2 Gear Cell Phone Armband
i2 Gear Cell Phone Armband

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Carrying your valuables in a compact package has never been as easy as with the i2 Gear Cell. With ample space enough to carry your phone, keys, cash, and card securely during your runs, you don’t have to worry about not being able to quench your thirst after a sensational run.

Measuring 5.92 X 3.1 X .34 inches in size, it can easily accommodate smartphones with a 6-inch display (including Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6, Edge phones, and iPhone X/XS series). The 15-inch wide strap conveniently slides in and adjusts to arms of any sizes holding your phone tightly with a 2-inch hook attachment and a loop fastener.

A combination of lycra and neoprene used in the i2 Gear delivers a comfortable waterproof fit. The part which sits over the skin has a comfy and squishy feel to it. The armband can also be hand washed to make it ready for fresh calorie burning sessions.

Making the touchscreen of your phone accessible with the help of a transparent waterproof cover and featuring a left, center and right slots for headphones and USB cables makes switching songs possible without breaking the flow.

Compatible Phone Models
Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4,Samsung-galaxy-s-5, Samsung-galaxy-s-6, iPhone-8, iPhone-7, iPhone-6,Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8,Samsung-galaxy-s-6, Samsung-galaxy-s-7, iPhone-xs, iphone-x

8. Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband


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The Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband allows you to mount any phone with a life proof case on your arm with a simple click. Manufactured by LifeActiv which is known for its lineup of brilliant mounts for elevating the experience of sports activities, the Lifeproof Armband is perfectly poised with quality and trust.

Designed to allow hands-free sprint or workout sessions to the user, the Lifeproof armband easily fits arms between 8.5”-19” and also gives the flexibility of using the phone in portrait or landscape positions. It also features a positive locking switch to ensure that your phone stays in place while you are on the go.

In case you already have your phone inside a Lifeproof case then this product is custom made for you. The trendy armband is backed by 1-year limited warranty and also comes with a step by step instruction manual for the easiest of installations.

Keeping a track of where you are on the GPS, easy access to fitness apps and your favorite inspiring soundtracks was never as easy as with the Lifeproof LifeActiv quick-mount Armband.

Compatible Phone Models
Apple iPhone 6+ 6 SE 5S

9. Trianium Armband for Large Phone

Trianium Armband running phone holder
Trianium Armband running phone holder

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The waterproof Trianium Armtrek pro is explicitly designed with some extra space to accommodate almost all large screen size phones including – iPhone 6 to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/S8/S8 Plus/Note 5,8,9, including their protective cases.

The Trianium ArmTrek is available in a variety of colors to choose from – Black, Pro Hot Pink, Purple, Pro Mint, Classic Mint, and Pro Black and is perfectly engineered for a comfortable grip especially during those intense training sessions letting you go all out while it securely holds your phone on your arm.

If you have a phone with a fingerprint sensor then you might not be able to use the sensor with the ArmTrek. However, if that is not an issue for your phone then you are going to absolutely love the way the charger and headphone cutouts are placed.

Built-in key pocket, secret compartment stores, touchscreen accessibility and multi-size adjustable velcro strap with two slots for arms big and small, the ArmTrek brings in all the desired features just under 10 dollars and on top of all good things comes with a lifetime warranty.

Compatible Phone Models
Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5S, Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, LG G6, iPhone 6, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 8 Plus

10. Bone Collection Slim-Fit Sports Running Armband

Bone Collection Slim-Fit Sports Running holder phone Armband
Bone Collection Slim-Fit Sports Running holder phone Armband

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An excellently designed armband which gives easy access to the face ID recognition feature as well the fingerprint scanner while looking dashingly good on the arm is the Slim-Fit sports running armband from the Bone collection.

With its classic elastic phone strap, this armband is made to hold all phones having screen sizes between 4 to 6.5 inches tightly onto the arm. The soft-touch silicone and neoprene used in the armband has a very comfy feel on the skin and is a perfect buddy for covering those miles.

It also features a very helpful integrated headphone cord holder along with open case design and a quick release phone strap which is compatible with the common case brands like Otterbox, Lifeproof, Speck and Spigen.

The case along with the detachable strap is ergonomically designed with a ventilated back panel for improved air circulation and can also be washed with water and even a mild detergent for keeping it clean and germ-free.

Compatible Phone Models
Apple iPhone XS Max

The best way to know if a running phone holder is a right choice for you or not is by asking yourself these questions:-

  • Will Armband protect your phone from slipping to the ground?
  • Will it solve the issue of handling the phone while running?
  • Will it allow to use the features like fitness apps on the go?
  • Will it protect the phone from the sweat or rain?
  • Will it provide storage for small yet important things like keys, cards or money?
  • Does it come with reflective strips for safety during night running sessions?

If the answer to most of them (if not all) is a yes, then a phone holder is all you need to get away with perfect calorie-burning sessions.

Even though most of the armbands are affordable and provide similar features, it is always helpful to know the features that will help you the most so that you pick the perfect one for yourself.

How to Choose A Running Armband?

Choosing an armband isn’t that tough mainly because of the simplicity in its design. However, before surfing through the best armbands in the market it is always better to know about a few essentials which will help you in making the most educated purchase.

Here are some of the points that are important to consider –

  • Security of the phone – One of the main reasons for using a phone holder is the safety of the phone itself. The holder should not only be able to hold the phone at its place but also not drop it at any costs. Moreover, some of them are waterproof and can be used even while it’s raining outside. The Velcro straps hold the phone more firmly than the others but more often than not come without the waterproof covering. With that being said it is on you to decide which kind of armband is right for you.
  • Fit On your Arm – The whole point of an armband is to make your runs more convenient. That makes it all the more important to choose one which fits you comfortably. Armbands in the market feature hook and loop strap or can come in a compression sleeve. Some of them have two slots (A & B) for the best fit. Measuring your arm before buying is a sure-shot way of avoiding a bad purchase. However, the chances are pretty slim that any armband won’t fit your arm but it never hurt anybody to be cautious.
  • Extra Storage – A phone is not the only thing that most people carry while running. Other essentials like keys and cards also need some space as you don’t want to lose them either. The armbands come with specific slots for keys, cards, and even money. The storage that an armband offers is a vital point to keep a note of. Especially when your phone is covered with a life case and you still need that extra storage space then you need an armband that is able to accommodate both.
  • Provide Safety – Safety of the runner is more important than the safety of the phone. When running on the streets it is very important to be focussed at all times. In case you like to run during early mornings or nights when the sun is down then an armband with a reflective strip is a must for you. Armbands with reflective strips are a great way to avoid accidents due to low light conditions.
  • Built-In Features – Armbands differ from each other in terms of their built and functionalities. For example, some of the running phone holders allow the user to change the angle at which the phone is being held (180-degree rotation) while others provide a waterproof solution. Many come with headphone ports and even earphone holders to prevent the earphones from getting entangled. One of the most important things to consider is whether your phone will fit in the holder or not especially if it is equipped with an otter box.


All it requires is a little bit of motivation to get started with a running schedule. After the initial threshold is crossed, it goes on an autopilot mode and becomes a part of your daily life. The majority of runners around the globe bring in some good music and equipment into the game to get the best experience out of it. So, why should you be left behind?

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