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It is an unofficial app for BSNL speed test. The Internet speed test will show you the download/upload/pings peak rates (exactly at that time of test) from your location to the test server you choose. TCP/IP inversely proportional to distance so choose, so the server closest to you while performing more will be good result during the internet speed test.

About This BSNL Speed Test Software

This Software will give you a clear idea about your broadband internet speed at that time you Run. The software is dedicated to letting you know the exact Download/Uploading and Ping data of your Internet service provider. From our analytics data, we have seen that people usually use this tool Mostly to check their BSNL broadband speed. Yes, you can use this tester to test internet speed of other internet service provider too.

Factors that effecting Test of BSNL Broadband Speed

You May have broadband/DSL/cable connection in your facilities and want to know your exact internet downloading and uploading speed. But before Test Your Speed you might wanna know some facts, Tips & tricks regarding your connections which are broadly described below.

Whenever you do perform a BSNL Broadband speed test, It will show the state of the channel, to determine its functionality. By checking result of the test, you will be able to know the real speed of connection at that moment that provided by your Internet Service Provider nearby! So your test may vary with the timing of the test and the crowd of internet user. The test result may seem different in morning and evening time. After performing your broadband speed test you’ll be able to tell other users leaving your opinion about the internet provider.

Facts that Speed Test determines:

  • The speed of incoming/downloading task of the Internet – it will let you know broadcast data from the Internet to your device.
  • The outgoing speed/uploading task of the Internet – it will let you know broadcast data from your PC to the Internet.
  • The PING – it defines your ping from the internet provider to the test server.
  • The test time – It defines the time when the speed test was conducted. Usually shows slightly different results depending on the performing time.

FAQ on BSNL Speed Test Results

  • What is Inbound speed? – it defines the speed of accessing data from the Internet to your PC.
  • What is Outgoing speed? – it defines the speed of sending data from your PC to the Internet.
  • What is Ping? – It defines the time between the request to the server and a response to it ( Usually shows in in milliseconds unit).

Tips – Turn off downloading a program during test

To get the accurate results at a time, we recommend

  • Turn off the program for that are used for downloading files ( like – Emule, FlashGet, BitTorrent, etc.), Internet radio, an email-clients, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk, and other programs that use the Internet traffic.
  • To do that follow this step – Enter to your keyboard – Cltr+Shift+Esc and Click on those programs and perform End task.
  • Turn off any Internet-connected devices to your router.

Now you are ready to test your result. From our experience, We recommend you to visit those Listed ( just below here) Web sites to perform your internet speed test.

What is Actually Internet Speed Test?

  • Internet speed test will show you the download/upload/pings peak rates (exactly at that time of test) from your location to the test server you choose.
  • TCP/IP inversely proportional to distance so choose, so the server closest to you while performing more will be good result during the internet speed test.
  • Your test results may slightly vary at different times of the day due to the network users. To get a better understanding of your bandwidth, perform the test at different times of the day and Avg of those result will bring you an idea.
  • The speed test can also be used to check if there is something wrong with your broadband connection link. Due to bad connections, present of dust etc, your connection may get a slow result.

TIPS – How to increase your internet speed?

BSnl speed test

Make sure all modem and router cables connections are proper and clean

These situations can lead to slow internet speed

  • Availability of Dirty, dusty, or loose cables in DSL modem to wireless router or directly to your computer or any other path can cause major reductions in net speed.

Check them properly, Clean all connections regularly and maintain a proper cooling system to avoid overheating.

  • The quality of your Ethernet and DSL cables can be a slight issue to your speed of Internet connection. it’s always recommended to purchase rated High-quality cables so that there should not be any issue regarding this.

Tips before upgrading broadband connections

  • Complete a free online bandwidth test to determine your current Internet speed

if you google “online speed test” you’ll get Various online sites offer free testing to your current Internet speed. In a matter of seconds, they will show you with both download/upload speeds/ping on your current connection. Complete a test, make sure if any adjustments you should need before upgrading your Internet service. That way, you will be able to compare the proper speed effects after making an upgrade.

  • Remove any unnecessary programs from your computer that consume bandwidth.

Press these to your keyboard Cltr+Shift+Esc, Make sure you don’t have any programme running in the background. If you making online test press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” to see if any programs are running in the background which can consume data And after that delete them ( Cautions- It may affect to your current saved password, cookies and bookmarked sites )

  • Turn off any Internet-connected devices when not in use.

As we know Many devices other than computers now come with Internet-ready facilities like – cell phones with Wi-Fi access, iPods or other MP3 players, etc and even televisions. Make sure to power off all devices to ensure that your bandwidth is actively used to your PC only.

  • Consider increasing the Internet connection speed from your service provider.

if you are using shared bandwidth, you may find that the only solution to slow online speeds is to expand the bandwidth from your Internet service provider. Now can consult your Internet service provider if you are interested in upgrading your service.

Tips – Ask if they consider a trial period and if provide make a test on upgraded service to see its impact on your Internet speed. if not, ask someone who already familiar with that internet service provider.

How to Increase Internet Speed on Android smartphone?

Well well, we all get irritated by the slow mobile Internet. Fortunately, I have some tips regarding this. You may not know, there are a lot of ways how you can increase the speed of the Internet on your Android device. Among them, here are the best 5 tips to Increase android internet speed.

Close the applications running in the background Tab

You may or may not know if you have tons of app running in the background, they might slow your device as well as to your internet speed. For example, if you open WhatsApp for while and go for messenger, again after that google chrome etc. All of them keep on sync and will consume your data. So tips the best tips to you that run those apps if it really necessary to you.

Use data management applications

there are tons of apps available in the google play store offers you the data management service. If you notice some of the apps which we use daily basics usually consume tons of data and they lead to unstable internet speed. The unstable speed of the Internet can be a serious problem. It’s always recommended to use data management service.

Uninstall unused apps

Unused apps can consume a serious amount of ram, they can consume data while auto sync or auto-updating etc. These applications can slow down the functionality of other apps and lead to an unstable speed of the Internet during browsing. It is advisable that Always Save their .apk file in somewhere and uninstall the unused app.

Reduce advertising

Oh! these Advertising! they often appear during browsing and can slow down the speed of the Internet. Some of the ads consume more data than the whole page to load without ads. You can install and use ads blocker for android from play store.

Choose Wi-Fi for backup

Always choose wifi if you have some apps that regularly need to be back up (Example -Whatsapp). Go to their app setting and choose back up only if wi-fi is available.

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