How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Mcent Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10 | Latest Version

Are you getting tired and bored of your regular Browser for PC? Today, In this article, you will learn how you can download mCent Browser for PC. It comes with many features you’ll surely love. This Browser is made mostly for convenience and fun. Want to know more about this software? Read further!

Mcent Browser is known as an Android app that will allow you to browse your favorite website. It is considered one of the most downloaded browser apps in the Google Play Store. Apart from being convenient and fun to use, it’s fast too! Throughout this, you can save your money because you can have free access to search for the latest news, your favorite movies and more!

How to download Mcent Browser for PC

Given that mCent is a smartphone application, you must download an Android Emulator on your Computer for making the system perform like a smartphone. This kind of software is known as Android Emulator. It enables your computer to run on mobile apps.

  • Download the Android Emulator Buestacks in your PC. After your download is finished, you can run the software so you can install it on your PC. That procedure is quite easy. You only need to follow the instructions.
  • After installing BlueStacks, open the software, and click on the Google Play Store to open it.
  • Search mCent Browser.
  • Click mCent browser from the choices provide and click download.
  • To Download mCent browser Might take some time.

Little Info About Mcent Browser App

App Download Version0.13
Last UpdatedMarch 21, 2019
Apk Size57M
App Owbed bymCent
CategoryFree Communication App
Content RatingEveryone
Support Android VersionAndroid 21 and above
App Packagecom.mcent.browser

How to install mCent Browser For PC

  • Your downloading begins immediately, and the process of installation will complete after the end of downloading.
  • After you have completed the installation, you will notice the mCent in Bluestacks app section.
  • Click the icon to launch mCent on your PC or laptop.

Features of mCent Browser for PC

mcent browser for windows pc

Functions are one of the critical information you should know about an app. mCent will assure you that you have chosen the right product.

  • With mCent Browser, you can easily visit and search your favorite websites in just one click from the home screen.
  • You will know the latest scores of cricket. Thru this app, you can follow the matches of IPL on the recent event.
  • mCent browser will allow you to get the latest updates and top stories of your favorites. You can also choose from 50 categories.
  • This app will block the annoying ads on the sites you visit, offering a streamlined experience of browsing.
  • This app will provide a pleasant experience of browsing in a dark environment because it can automatically dim the home screen.
  • mCent Browser will let you browse privately without any tracking and cookies from the sites.

Pros and Cons of mCent Browser

Mcent pros and cons
  • mCent Browser is one of the powerful, easy, fast devices and has excellent features. This device will allow you to have free charge browsing experience. Thru this, you can easily visit your favorite websites.
  • It enables you to gain credits by doing simple tasks. The more you use it, the more reward you’ll receive.
  • The features of this Browser perfectly fit on your PC. There is no need to ask more questions because everyone knows how useful this app is. The fact that you can enjoy browsing your favorite websites and you will feel joyful at the same time is enough.
  • Many apps will let you browse your favorite websites, but it is hard to find the best one. To help you find your perfect app, We assure you that Mcent Browser is the one that you should choose. Aside from the fact that it is easy to download and install, it will also help you to enjoy your browsing experience. The usual problems that you may encounter while browsing will not occur with this Browser because this is reliable and fast.
  • Browsing any website is one of the entertaining activities that people do. This activity will be enjoyable if you have Mcent Browser on your PC. Things will be more natural because of this app. You will not be worried anymore because this is the recommended browser for you.

Alternatives to mCent Browser for PC

Below is a list of other options you can use apart from mCent Browser:

  1. Firefox Focus – mCent is the newest Browser of Mozilla, which concentrates on the security and privacy of the user. With this Browser, each session will be in private mode, allowing 1-tap deletion of browsing history. It also blocks all sorts of third-party ads or web trackers.
  1. Kiwi Browser – Kiwi is rich in a crypto-mining blocking, preventing the hackers from utilizing the CPU of your phone to produce cryptos. Kiwi Browser supports the background play of videos from Vimeo and YouTube. The good thing about this is that it’s destructive in stopping notifications, trackers, and ads.
  1. Dolphin Browser – The voice search of this Browser enables you to navigate the web without typing any words, bookmark a website, share content on social networks, and browse. mCent is accessible for iOS and Android and has more than 150 million downloads till now.

FAQs on Mcent Browser

Q) What is mCent Browser?

Ans – mCent Browser is an app, offering you free recharge for browsing sites.

Q) How can you use it?

Ans – You can utilize this browser a similar way you would with any type of browser. The only difference is that it will offer you points from browsing regularly. It allows you to recharge at your own convenience.

Q) Is using mCent Browser safe?

Ans – Yes. Using mCent Browser is always safe.

Q) Does this app really work?

Ans – Each browser makes money with partnerships and marketing. The variance between other browsers and mCent Browser is that it returns the money it makes back to their users through free recharge.

download mcent browser for pc

The mCent browser will not fail you with your expectation. Instead, you will enjoy your browsing experience. You are free to browse your favorite websites and enjoy the services it can give to you. Now that you have already downloaded and installed mCent Browser for PC, you can now take advantage of unlimited entertainment, and quick browsing experience like you would do every time you are employing the browser on your phone device. We hope with this guide, you have now understood how mCent Browser can benefit you.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download BHIM App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 | Latest Version

Using Bhim App for pc Will help you on the cashless transaction from your Windows PC. Bharat Interface for Money, or also known as BHIM, will allow you to send and receive money in just one click with the use of the payment addresses of UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

People nowadays secure their money in a bank. We always require to go to the banks for the cash transactions, but in this digital world, you can do it with the help of an App. The useful and recommended app for you is the BHIM, and this is the answer to your money transactions in a bank.

BHIM is one of the best apps for your PC, which helps you to have comfortable and safe bank transactions. If you are looking for reliable digital Transactions App sending money and transfer in a bank, BHIM is the best app for you.

How to Download BHIM App for PC?

The investment will be more beneficial if you already have an idea on how you are going to download it to your PC. The help that it can provide to you is impressive. The following are the steps on how you are going to download BHIM app on your PC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • After you installed it, open the Bluestacks application.
  • Then type BHIM App on the search tab and click Search
  • A different menu will appear on your screen that is the same with BHIM App. Choose the BHIM App and click the download button.
  • Download BHIM app might take some time. Mostly, it will depend on the speed of your online connection.
  • After downloading, it’s time for you to install.

The given steps on how to download this app will be helpful because things will be easier on your part. You will never encounter any problem anymore because of its bright and easy to understand. Making Transaction and Payments will be easier because of the given steps above. There is no need for you to pay money to any person who will download this app because it is available on the PlayStore for free.

Little Info About The App

APK Version 1.5 (202000041)
Screen Density nodpi
CPU Architecture armeabi-v7a
APK File size 7.5 MB
Minimum Android VerAndroid 4.2+ (Jelly Bean – API 17)
MD5 92f4d3d200254e0b9781bbafa03b6f1d

How to Install BHIM app for PC?

Knowing how to install BHIM app is very important, and we will guide you through the whole process. The following steps should be followed properly to complete the installation process successfully. Once you become successful in installing this app, you will be one of its satisfied users.

  • Once the download is finished, open the BHIM app and click the tab Install.
  • The installation will take several minutes to be installed on your device.
  • After the installation is done, you can now begin using your BHIM app. You could see the BHIM app on Bluestacks’ MY Apps area.
  • And done! You can now take advantage of using BHIM app for PC.

When you properly install the BHIM app on your PC, your money transactions to any bank will be more comfortable. We assure you that it will be processed safely and securely. There is nothing to worry because aside from the information about this app, the app itself provides you a complete tutorial with smooth and clear steps in the process of installation.

Features of BHIM App for PC

Features of BHIM App for PC

Since the day BHIM app is introduced, it has become popular and, one of the most recommended apps. With this, a majority of banks have also lined up to make their payment app. BHIM app is intended to ease payments directly through banks and shorten the cashless businesses. The only thing that you need in this digital transaction is to have an essential address of Payment.

  • This app works across all banks, and there is no need for you to use separate apps if you have several accounts in different banks. BHIM app will help you to save time and stresses of having several transportable wallet accounts.
  • There is no need for this app internet connectivity. BHIM app can do the transfer transactions without the internet connection.
  • This app is backed by India’s government that makes it be a reliable and secure option for cashless payment.
  • BHIM app will assure you that they are authenticated by three levels, which are a mobile number or device ID, a bank account that will help to link this app and Pin of UPI to complete the transaction.
  • Lastly, this app is secured by one of the popular cyber security firms, which are actively working with the government. You are a hundred percent assured that it is safe and secured. This app will assure you that you will not encounter any problem.

Pros and Cons of BHIM App for PC

BHIM app users become satisfied with the services that this app has provides to them. They never regret choosing this app because of the excellent benefits it offers.

BHIM app is one of the recommended apps for you if you aim to have a reliable digital transaction in several banks. This app will assure you that your money will transfer safely and securely.

The only disadvantage you can see about the app is that it doesn’t provide any lucrative cash back, no reliable notification system, and no dedicated user support.


Alternatives or Similar to BHIM App for PC

Some of the apps you can use apart from BHIM App are the following:

Also Check – Paytm app for pc


Q) What is the maximum limit of the app?

Ans – BHIM App accepts RS 10,000 every transaction. It has a limit of RS 20,000 within 24 hours. It currently supports English and Hindi.

Q) Is it available on iOS devices?

Ans – Yes, this app is widely accessible for iOS users. Nonetheless, the Windows Version of the app is still not available.

Q) Is it safe?

Ans – the developers of the app and the cybersecurity team ensure there are no loopholes; making sure the app is 100% safe before it goes live.

There you have it. Downloading and installing BHIM App for pc is now made more comfortable with this guide. We hope we provided you all the essential information you need about using this app for your PC.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Mi Drop for PC – Windows 7/8/10 | Latest Version

Are you a novice to Mi Drop for pc? Perhaps you have utilized Mi Drop for a while now and now thinking how you can use it for your PC. Congratulations, because this is your lucky day. In this post, we will show you more about Mi Drop and how you can use it on Windows PC.

Since the onset of technology, many applications are used to share several files between mobile phones. There are different apps offered in the country that will allow you to share the files from your mobile or PC. One of the popular apps is the Mi Drop, allowing you to transfer files from PC to mobile phones.

Sharing of files is being done for you to have a backup. When you encounter, it cannot be done with your PC. There are some apps, which are only applicable to be transferred in the same device. Mi Drop is not like that, because this app can be connected to any devices.

Mi Drop is known as a file transfer utility, which is introduced by Xiaomi. This app undergoes different changes, and it has already received several upgrades. This is one of the popular apps when it comes to sharing of files, photos, or videos to other devices. This app will also help you with the sharing process through mobile to your PC or vice versa.

How to Download Mi Drop for PC

Knowing the process of downloading will make your work easier. You can have this app in just one click without any interruption.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • After you installed it, open the Bluestacks application.
  • Then type MI Drop on the search tab and click Search
  • A different menu will appear on your screen that is the same with MI Drop. Choose the MI Drop Application and click the download button.
  • Download Mi Drop might take some time. Mostly, it will depend on the speed of your online connection.
  • After downloading, it’s time for you to install.

Little Info About Mi Drop App

App Download Version1.6
Last UpdatedMay 14, 2019
Apk Size4.8 MB
App Owned byXiaomi Inc.
App CategoryFree Tools App
Support Android VersionAndroid 10 and above
App Packagecom.xiaomi.midrop

How to Install MI Drop for PC

  • Once the download is finished, open the MI Drop app and click the tab Install.
  • The installation will take several minutes to be installed on your device.
  • After the installation is done, you can now begin using your MI Drop Application. You could see the Mi Drop app on Bluestacks’ MY Apps area.
  • And done! You can now take advantage of using Mi Drop for PC and transfer any file you wish to Android and any other devices immediately.

Features of Mi Drop for PC

Xiaomi Mi Drop for pc
Xiaomi Mi Drop for pc

Below are some of the amazing features of the Mi Drop for PC. But, remember that there are dozens of features of the app that aren’t listed here. We will list only the most relevant ones:

  • Ad-free application
  • Supports different languages
  • Send big files without any constriction
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • The user interface is simple, allowing you to sort out every file to the category
  • User-friendly
  • The app can transfer file 200x faster than Bluetooth
  • You don’t need an online connection to transfer your file
  • The app enables transferring of all types of files from the app, document files, pictures, movies, music, and so much more to any devices!

Pros and Cons of Mi Drop for PC

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Mi Drop for PC:

  • Easy to Download & Install – Different kinds of the app will allow you to transfer files from other devices, but not all of them can do it with PC. Mi Drop is one of your best choices because it is easy to download and install. This app will allow you also to transfer files from Android to your PC. There is no need for you to have any connector.
  • Equipped with Cool Features – Mi Drop is also made of excellent features that you will surely love. You will not encounter any problem because it is fast and reliable. That’s why this app is one of the most popular in the country. Many users are satisfied with the services this app can provide on your PC.
  • Sharing is Fast – Sharing will be fast and easier because of Mi Drop. You will not encounter any problem in transferring your files, especially to your PC because it is capable of sharing any files on your PC especially if you have an Android phone.
  • Mi Drop is a simple, clean interface and user-friendly – Thru this, you are assured that files will be transferred quickly without encountering any interruption. The assurance that this app can provide to you is one of the reasons why users are satisfied with the quality that this app has.

The Cons of Mi drop– The only negative thing we can comment about this app is that the standard MUI based might not be preferred by all Mi or non-Redmi users. It doesn’t support iOS devices too. What’s more, the app does not support multiple sharing.

Alternative to Mi Drop for pc

android to pc file transfer

If you are considering other apps aside from Mi Drop, here are some options for you:

  • ShareIt – ShareIt is accessible on a wide array of platforms like Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It also has a dedicated app for Windows PC.
  • File Pizza – This is an open-source app utilized to transfer a file through WebTorrent and WebRTC.
  • Send Anywhere – This is a cross-platform sharing app allowing you to share digital content P2P in real-time along with cloud storage.

FAQs On Mi Drop

Q) Is it available on iOS?

Ans – Currently, it is not. Mi Drop is only available on Android devices.

Q) Is sending files simple?

Ans – Yes. Mi Drop is the simplest and cleanest app. If you open the app, you have two choices – Receive and Send – waiting for you. You won’t have any distracting things on your screen.

Q) What types of files can I send?

Ans – You can send any types of file with Mi Drop. It could images, apps, videos, documents, music, and others.

Mi drop file transfer

Mi Drop is one of the perfect sharing apps that will allow you to transfer music, videos, photos, and other kinds of files from one device to another. This app will help you make things convenient and better.

Mi Drop will not fail you with your expectation because it is proven and tested to be one of the best choices. You will find lots of sharing app offered in the country, but you need to choose the right one. The money you are going to spend will be valuable when you have invested in the right product. We hope we provided you the right information you need about Mi Drop for PC. Happy sharing!

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Morpho RD Service Download for PC – Windows 7/8/10 Laptop| Latest Version

The increased use of the Internet in a variety of things and industries, public security is more vulnerable than before. These days, the need for tools and technologies to cater to the growing responsibilities and limited resources concerning technology becomes more apparent. In that regard, this article talks about Morpho RD Service download for PC to meet a wide range of security challenges the public faces.

Morpho is one of the leading companies that developed mobile and automated solutions with regards to security. The company creates tools and technology to support law enforcement and security professionals in effectively protecting people and property all over the world. They have many automated and mobile systems to meet the security challenges of the public. One of which is Morpho RD Service.

According to the UIDAI (Aadhaar) guidelines, people can only use registered biometric devices for Aadhaar Authentication or eKYC transactions. They help through their products that strengthen site and event security, help identify persons and vehicles, as well as facilitate the private security of agencies around the world. Morpho does this by combining their expertise in advanced detection and recognition technology and biometric criminal databases.

One of their top products to help improve security is RD Services, a biometric system that eliminates stored biometrics. Morpho RD Service comes with three additional features not found in public devices, which makes it one of the top security systems. With its ability to enhance and automate security procedures, it helps police departments and security organizations to make the most use of their resources and focus more on solving crimes.

How to Download Morpho RD Service for PC

Purchasing and downloading RD service is easy. You only need the following steps:

  • Visit the site In there you can find all necessary information about the product. 
  • Download Morpho RD Service for PC. By simply clicking this link, it will automatically download the file to your computer.
  • Locate the file and follow the next steps on installing Morpho RD Service driver.

How to Install Morpho RD Service for PC

Once you have located where the Morpho RD Service file on your PC, you can proceed on executing the following installation process.

  • In your computer, locate the file. Open the EXE folder where the RD package is located.
  • Right click on ‘MorphoRDServiceLoSoftSetup.exe’ and run as administrator to install.
  • Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to complete the installation process.

After installing Morpho RD Service, you need to install the MSO Device Driver next. You can do this by restarting the system after installing the RD Service. After that, connect the whitelisted Morpho biometric scanner. Once you connect the device to the system, the device driver will be automatically installed. Following the installation of the MSO device driver, you will need to register it next.

Morpho RD Service Register Now

Features of Morpho RD Service

There are several features that a Morpho RD Service has which puts it at the top of the best security products available. Morpho RD Service has main three additional features that make it superior to public devices. These features are:

  • Device Identification – Every Morpho RD Service device comes with a unique identifier that helps with traceability, analytics, as well as fraud management.
  • Elimination of Stored Biometrics – Morpho RD Service helps to eliminate having to use stored biometrics by signing the biometric data within the device. It uses a provider key that ensures that the live is truly captured. With that, Morpho RD service forms an encrypted PID block before going back to the host application.
  • Certified Standardized RD Service – Morpho RD Service is standardized and encapsulates capture, signing and biometric encryption within the system for improved user experience.

Pros and Cons

As any device or system, Morpho RD Service has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of the product:


  1. Reliable acquisition of ID proof or personal data
  2. No more need for using stored biometrics
  3. Created by a certified leader in biometrics technology


  1. Installation and registration might be confusing

Alternative or Similar to Morpho RD Service

Besides Morpho, you will find other companies offering RD services to comply with the UIDAI guidelines. Some of the alternatives include NEXT RD Services and Secugen RD services, both of which are reliable systems. However, Morpho differs in the fact that it is far superior in handling biometric data due to the elimination of the use of stored biometric data along with other features.

Morpho is a leading biometrics company, a one-stop shop for highly customizable solutions to your business processes, IT environment, operational conditions, and financial capability. With its years of experience and a large number of products, you can expect that the Morpho RD service is just as reliable of a system.

FAQs on Morpho RD Service

Here are some answers to your most frequent questions about Morpho RD Service.

What is RD Service?

RD service is the registered device service of the device provider, which must be compliant to the Aadhaar Registered Devices Specification for ensuring a secured biometric capture and authentication through UIDAI’s Aadhaar-based services.

Which biometric device products are certified Registered Device?

Morpho has several Registered Devices namely Morpho 1300 E, Morpho 1300 E3m, and Morpho 1300 E.

If the device is not Whitelisted, how do you One Time Tokens?

In this case, you should contact the Morpho RD Integration Support Team.

What certification level do Morpho devices have?

Currently, the Morpho E1300 is certified Level 0.

How can a customer use Morpho RD Service?

A customer can use Morpho RD service by first having an application integrated with the service.

What are the platforms that a Registered Device is supported on?

Both Windows and Android systems work with Morpho Registered Devices. Android Smartphone with 4.4 and above OS versions support Morpho Registered Devices. On the other hand, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, either 32 bit or 64 bit, supports the devices as well.

Does a customer’s machine need to have Administrator rights for the RD service package to be installed?

Yes. Windows must have Administrator rights while your Android phone should not be a rooted device.

How does a customer know if the device is registered?

Morpho will send an email confirmation upon successful registration of the biometric device.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Paytm app for pc – Windows 7/8/10 | Latest Version

Paytm is a private company based in India that provides digital wallet and e-commerce payment services. It recently introduced a payment banking service. The e-commerce platform offers a wide variety of goods and services while the digital wallet platform supports the processing of payments. You can buy goods, transfer a payment or book a flight using Paytm wherever you are. Perhaps that is why you need Paytm app for pc or your phone so that you can enjoy its services while on the go.

In this article, I will highlight a few features and pros of Paytm. I will also answer a few most frequently asked questions on Paytm. But before that, why not download and install it first?

How to download Paytm app for pc

Downloading the Paytm app for your pc is as easy as ABC. However, you need to have at least Windows 7 installed on your PC or laptop. With the right operating system, the download process requires only two steps:

  • Install an Android Emulator. This is the software on which the Paytm will run on your PC or laptop. There are several android emulators, but before you decide which one to install, make sure that it has Google play store. Bluestacks is a good example here. Just download and install it on your PC first and it will serve you right. It allows you to use several android apps on your PC.
  • Download the Paytm app on your Android Emulator. The Bluestacks Android Emulator allows you to download the Paytm app on Google play store. The download speed is amazing.

Paytm App Info in Short

App Download Version
Last UpdatedMarch 8, 2020
Apk Size44 MB
App byPaytm – One97 Communications Ltd.
CategoryFree Shopping App
Content RatingRated for 4+
Support Android VersionAndroid 10 and above
App Packagenet.one97.paytm

How to install Paytm app for pc

Once you download the Paytm app on Google play store, you can install it and start shopping for various products right away. Just follow the installation prompts and you will be home and dry before you know it. If you want to download and install Paytm on your smartphone, the process is even easier. You just provide your phone number on the official Paytm website and you will be sent a link in SMS to download and install it on your phone.

Follow the steps below to install Paytm on your PC. 

  • Click on the install button.
  • Accept the features that are provided by the platform.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and complete the installation.
paytm app for pc

Features of Paytm app for pc

Having installed the Paytm app for PC or laptop, you can now enjoy its awesome features, some of which are outlined below. You will realize that the platform is very interactive and therefore very easy to use.

  • Online shopping – for a wide variety of goods. As noted earlier, apart from being a digital wallet platform, Paytm also offers e-commerce services. It features a fully-fledged online shop dealing in a wide variety of products and services. Some of the most popular products offered by Paytm include mobile phones, fashion and beauty items, groceries and electronics, to name but a few.
  • Digital savings bank – Paytm also introduced online payment banking services recently. It began as a digital wallet, then introduced e-commerce on its platform and now a payment bank. Opening a digital savings account is a sweet piece of cake.
  • Easy processing of payments – With the payment banking system now in place, Paytm allows fast and efficient processing of payments. You can pay your utility bills in the blink of an eye. You can also pay school fees, flight ticket fees, and hotel booking fees.
  • Money-back guarantees – Paytm promise to refund all your money whenever the need arises. And it always keeps its promises.
  • Easy account opening and recharging – You can easily open and recharge your Paytm account online using your mobile phone or credit card.
  • Security – The need to secure your information when making online payments cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to the security and privacy of your information, Paytm does not disappoint.
  • Online help – Paytm offers elaborate customer care services that ensure that every customer complaint is handled professionally.
paytm for pc

Pros and cons

As you would expect, Paytm has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Here are some of its pros.

  • Availability of a wide variety of goods – There is a mind-boggling variety of goods and services on the Paytm platform.
  • Convenience – You can use Paytm wherever you are anytime. Remember that you can recharge your account using your mobile phone or credit card wherever you are.
  • A wide variety of payment services – Paytm offers a wide range of payment services to its users. For instance, it allows you to pay for utility bills such as water and electricity bills, broadband bills, DTH and forex services, among others.
  • Easy payment of bookings – You can also enjoy easy bookings for train and bus tickets, movies, gift vouchers, international flights, hotels, events and hot deals on Paytm.
  • Ability to sell your products – If you have a business, you can also sell your products on Paytm. You just register as a seller and start selling your products. One advantage of selling on Paytm is that you meet a ready market for your products. The software is easy to use and the support team is available around the clock.
  • Availability of the food wallet – There is also a food wallet that allows employers to provide tax-free meal allowances to their employees. It is easy and cost-effective. No wonder it is used by thousands of employees in India.

Alternative or similar to Paytm app for pc

Online shopping has led to the proliferation of e-commerce sites and online payment platforms. Therefore, there are several other platforms that are similar to Paytm. Here, I will just highlight three of them and how they compare with Paytm.

  1. eBay – This is majorly an e-commerce site. It does not offer payment banking services as Paytm does.
  2. PayPal Paytm offers the payment processing services that PayPal offers but PayPal is not a payment bank yet.
  3. Airtel Payment bank This is exclusively a payment bank. It lacks the e-commerce services provided by Paytm.

Also Check- Bhim App for pc

FAQ On Paytm

Is there an official Paytm app for windows?

While it is possible to use Paytm on your PC or laptop, there is no official Paytm windows app. There is, however, an official app for Paytm for Android and iOS. 

How can I become a seller on Paytm?

The registration process for sellers is easy and straight forward. Just click on the “become a seller’’ link on the official website to get going. Provide your credentials, upload your documents and verify your account. You can start selling your products once your account has been verified.

Can I borrow money on the Paytm bank?

No. The Paytm bank is a payment bank. It only allows deposits and transfers. It does not provide all the services offered by regular banks. For instance, it does not provide loans and does not issue credit cards as well.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Adda247 App For PC – Windows 7/8/10 and MAC Laptop| Latest Version

Adda247 is the best for those who are seeking for government jobs. It is an official app of the team Bankersadda which fulfills all the needs related to the exam(changing exam patterns, exam syllabus, exam materials and more) of all 5 million government job aspirants all over India. To Educate the aspirants and providing the guidelines to get a reputed government job in any sector is the main motto of this app.

It helps the students in the preparation ofgovernment jobs such as  IBPS, IBPS PO, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, SBI PO, SBI clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC CPO, SSC Stenographer, CTET and other government jobs.

How to Download Adda247 For PC

To use adda247 in your pc you need the apk file of this app. You can easily find it here.

Once you download and install Adda247 in your PC then you can access the content of app in an offline mood also.

You can download and install this app by using the following steps:

  • Download Bluestacks emulator in your PC.
  • Find the installation file and double click on it.
  • Read some steps and then click on “Next” for the final set up
  • Click on the “Install” and then click on “Finish”
  • Then use the desktop shortcut start BlueStacks App player.
  • Now, sign in Google account.
  • Finally, you will get google play store, now you can search the Adda247 app here and you can download and install this app.

Features of Adda247 App?

Why you need Adda24 App?

If you are also a government job aspirant then you really need this app. It has many features like the following:

  • Keep Updated you with current affairs: Adda247 helps the students to update with the current affairs. It provides a conclusion of the daily events at the end of the day. You can get a complete package of current affairs of Bank and SSC exams from adda247.
  • Job Alerts: give all the notification related to a job like a Vacancy, Exam, Exam Results and more. It gives a quick notification of all the upcoming vacancies with full details.
  • Provide study materials: Students can get the Hindu newspaper articles and daily editorials list from here. They also get all types of study materials which is very beneficial for your upcoming exams. All the study materials are creative and target the exam pattern.
  • Access Without Internet: After downloading, you can access it without the internet. You need not any internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to access it.
  • Straightforward in using:  It is easy in use. So, students won’t have to face any type of problems or difficulties to use them.

The Pros and Cons of Adda247

According to us, there are many pros and only one con. So, it’s your choice, what you think, you can go with pros or cons.

Pros of Adda247

  • Gives the facilities of the prime package which is affordable for a student
  • Avail quick mock test after the job notification
  • Round the clock practice for the exam
  • Analyze the one student performance among the lakhs students

Cons of Adda247

  • The cost of study material is more than other study app material.

Alternative or Similar to Adda247 App

Grade up the app is an alternative of Adda247 app. Gradeup is also a government job app which is launched for all the competitive exams. It also gives all the study facilities for government job aspirants. According to the student’s review, Gradeup is better than the Adda247. The study materials of the Gradeup are affordable than Adda247. So, students like grade more.

FAQ on Adda247

Can I download the adda247 app free?

Yes, you can download adda247 free.

Do you need an internet connection to access the adda247 app?

Once you download this app, you don’t need any internet connection to access.

Can we get all the exam notification from this app?

yes, you can get all the notifications like job vacancy, exam date, exam result and more from this app.

Is Adda247 only for Banks Exams?

No, It targets various competitive exams like Banks, SSC, CTET and more.

Is Adda247 available in only English language?

No, it is available in both the languages, Hindi and English. Students can choose according to their convenience.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Viva Video for PC Windows 7/8/10 Free – Latest Version

Looking for reliable editing software? Look no further than Viva Video for PC. Viva Video for PC is a user-friendly video editing platform which comes with lots of editing as well as customizing options.

Aside from being easy to use, it is also a professional-grade tool that can manage the overall superiority of images and videos to FX-format settings. This format is like the jewel of an expensive DSLR camera, and this effect cannot be found in any expensive editing programs.

What is more, to improve the quality of videos and images, it has a strong command over the brilliance of the picture, and it has lots of essential features like stickers, music, as well as live dubbing of the video.

Viva Video comes with an easy to use interface. Putting the photos together to make a small clip and movie can be done in just a few steps. If you love to play with videos and images using high-end tools, then you would surely find this app quite useful and helpful.

How to Download Viva Video for PC?

Viva video is a mobile app that isn’t legally accessible on the Play Store. Therefore, users who interested in Viva video must require downloading the app online from 3rd party sites. We make it easy for you. Just click on download the apk file of viva video app which is hosted on a trusted website.

Version And Size of Viva Video you will get after installing it on your pc

App Nameviva video
App Size39.65 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/10
AuthorQuVideo Inc.
Note - What you have downloaded is a APK File of Viva Video. Please follow the instruction given below to Know how to install it on your PC. 

How to Install VivaVideo on Windows PC?

You have to download an emulator on your desktop to have this Viva video for PC. You will find that there are lots of Android emulators that you can download free, and this will help you to download this editing software. Below is a simple guide to download Viva video on your PC for video production as well as video editing.

Viva video for PC can be set up using Bluestacks that runs all on the Android applications on your desktop. Viva video app allows you to share edited images and videos to Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google+ and many others.

  • Visit the Bluestacks official website. This helps in getting all the android apps on your desktop for free. So, don’t forget to download this emulator on your desktop.
  • After downloading and installing the emulator, open it and look for Viva video for PC, this emulator comes with a search engine feature that you can use to look for the app you want to download. This is easy to do, all you have to do is to key in the keyword Viva video APK and click enter.
  • Choose the Viva video app and then click the icon.
  • You have to wait for a couple of minutes until you completed the downloading process. The time you need to wait depends on the performance and speed of the tool or device you’re using.
  • If you are done installing the Vivavideo APK, the installation of Vivavideo will immediately start. This is only the time you can access the features of this app on your desktop.
  • If the installation of the application is successful, you can now launch it on your desktop and start experimenting with the images and videos with this amazing editing tool.

Why Consider using Vivavideo on your PC?

There are many good reasons why you should consider viva video for PC. Some of these reasons are:

  • It is 100 percent free to use on PC.
  • You will get Bigger space and bigger screen when you use Viva video for pc.
  • This is one of the most excellent video editing programs for windows desktop.
  • It comes equipped with basic video editing features. Some of the integrated features in Viva video for PC are a transition, trimming, green screen, text effects, background blur, and many others.
  • What makes this reliable and apart from the rest is that it works on all the version of Windows except Windows XP. The reason behind this is that Windows XP is old and it is already outdated.

What are the Features Integrated into Viva Video for PC?

There are reasons why Viva Video is one of the most sought after video editing platform today.  One of these reasons is the amazing features you cannot find in other high-end platforms. Some of these fantastic features take account of the following:

  • You can merge and trim diverse video clips as you want. It is effortless to use and most of all it has a user-friendly interface.
  • This app allows you to improve your video clips with diverse fonts, FX, texts and many other options such as sticker and subtitles.
  • Convert then a standard paced video with the assistance of the slow-motion feature of the application. You are also able to reverse it and add some effects to your video.
  • This app takes a selfie to a higher level. The integrated selfie camera comes with many remarkable lenses.
  • Create perfect slideshows utilizing your images from the gallery or camera roll and turn your pictures into a movie work of art.
  • What is more, you can also add audio to the video or slideshow from the inbuilt music library which takes account of new tracks.
  • There are more than two hundreds of amazing animated effects to select from
  • Personify the app with lots of latest skin which are accessible from all type of categories
  • Viva Video for PC supports GIPHY to utilize all the animated GIF’s which everyone acquires from their loved ones or friends over other apps like Whatsapp, social networking sites and from different websites.
  • Create collage videos by integrating vide with the assistance of the state of the art Collage maker.
  • You can also export the newly made video to your gallery using this app. Also, you have the choice to share the work on YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social networking websites.
  • The most significant thing is that you can download this app for free and every feature it offers can also avail free.

Conclusion on Viva Video For PC

VivaVideo is indeed one of the best editing apps today and to make the most of your video editing experience you have to download it by following the above steps. This app comes with different editing and customizing choices that you can utilize in the broader screen once you download it on your desktop.

Do you want more reasons to try and download the Viva Video for PC? I’m sure you don’t. It has impressive features, and there’s no doubt that this editing app is one of the most excellent. So, what are you waiting on? Get a hold of the editing app and begin experiencing Viva video for PC. Download it now!

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Showbox for pc Windows 7/8/10 – Latest Version

Today, there are lots of apps available online for downloading and streaming movies and videos. Everyone likes to download and stream the Videos, Movies, TV show, TV series, etc. If you are looking for the best video streaming app, look no further than Showbox for PC. By using this app, you can watch any entertainment programs online and download it free.

Showbox for PC or computer is the ideal platform for streaming video, and you can access the essential features of this app easily. Here, you can get the newest Movies as well as Live TV programs or any TV series episodes. Using the search option, you can filter what you want to download or watch. It is easy to use, so regardless of your age, you can easily access the app without guidelines and struggle.

Download Showbox for PC Windows

Showbox was intended for Android devices. One reason for its popularity is the remarkable features. You can get the movies and videos in any resolution with ease. You can download this app to your PC using an emulator.

With this app, you can stream any different categories of videos, movies as well as live programs regardless of language. There are lots of emulators for Android available out there such as KO Player, Android, Droid4x, but the most popular one is the Bluestack. Bluestack is highly recommended when you want to download Showbox for PC.

What Are the Best Ways To Download Showbox For PC or Desktop

Installing this app on desktop or PC is useful to watch unlimited TV shows and movies straight on your widescreen. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to make an account or login before watching any movie, which saves your precious time.

One simplest way to use this app is through installing your preferred emulator on your desktop, then installing and running the Showbox apk on a personal computer. There are also other ways to download this app on your pc. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

Technique #1: Download Showbox Using Android Emulator

Download a trustworthy emulator on your desktop. Some recommend using droid4x or Andynox than the bluestack due to reliability issue. However, if you are used to bluestack, then no need to opt to other emulators.

  • After downloading the emulator is done, on your pc install the downloaded .exe file.
  • Restart your computer once the installation process is done
  • You are required to log in with your Google account to begin getting the entire Android experience on android emulator.
  • Then, you have to download apk file using your browser.
  • When done downloading, run the apk file with bluestack.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and allow the application to get installed.
  • When the installation is done, enjoy streaming movies, videos as well as and TV series on your PC

Technique #2: Download Showbox for PC with the Use of  ARC Welder

With the use of Arc Welder for Chrome to setup Showbox is also a fast and reliable way to download and utilize Showbox on the desktop.

  • First, you need to open your Chrome and download and install ARC Welder extension.
  • After the installation process is done, navigate the chrome://apps/ to access the extension.
  • Run or open the extension, you will need to choose a directory or make a new one for ARC Welder. Your data and file will be saved on this path.
  • Then you have to download the apk file for desktop
  • Click the launch app tab and click add you apk.
  • Adding Showbox apk file on ARC Welder takes a couple of minutes to complete.
  • After successfully installing the app on your desktop with the help of ARC Welder, you can begin streaming your preferred videos, movies as well as TV series for free straight on your personal computer.
Download showbox for pc windows-mac

What You Can Get From Downloading Showbox for PC

  • Showbox file size is small so meaning you don’t need to uninstall other apps in your PC to install it.
  • The user-friendly and simple interface allows the user to run and operate this app with ease.
  • You can begin using the app without signing in or giving your email address. In short, no registration is needed to enjoy movie and video streaming.
  • Showbox for PC allows the user to choose the resolution of his or her video or movie according to their requirement. Also, you can pick the media player of your want, so, this app allows you to watch the video in a stress-free and convenient way.
  • Showbox allows the user to download videos, movies and TV series for free. What is more, users can download the movies to watch later on or during free time.
  • It empowers users to make a separate record of preferred videos and movies in which they can sort them according to their preference,

What is Bluestack Emulator?

Bluestack is considered one of the most excellent Android emulator that is utilized to run the app on your PC. With the use of app player, you can use or run any app on your personal computer. To download Showbox for PC, first, you need to download this Android emulator on your desktop. This is only the time you can take pleasure in the latest Movies, Videos as well as Live TV series and TV show programs right on your computer.

Is Showbox Compatible with Windows?

Showbox is available for everyone. You can download it from Google Play Store app store free. However, people find it frustrating to watch movie or video on the small screen. If you want to watch your preferred movies, videos as well as TV series on your PC, you have to download Showbox on PC.

Features of Showbox for PC

This video streaming and the downloading app allows you to see your most loved movies on your PC. You can follow this guide on how to download Showbox, but first, it is worth mentioning the features of this app.

So, here are the best features this video downloading app offers:

You can Download and Use it for Free

You can download this app without spending any amount. You do not need to pay or follow strict guide to download and use Showbox. What is more, you can watch the content available in the app as long as you want. On the other hand, although it is free to use, you may have to endure the ads that always pops up during movie or video streaming.

Works Flawlessly on all Platforms

Showbox for PC, iPhone, and Android all work with no problems. Users rarely complain errors as well as movies stream like a charm. This video streaming app is officially available for iPhone and Android, for the desktop you have to geek around your way around a little bit. However, you don’t need to worry about it as you will know how to carry it out after understanding the features of the Showbox.

Stream Your Preferred Movies and Videos from Preferred Sources

This video streaming app allows users to stream their preferred videos from many streaming sources. They can choose between different servers. So, it only means that if the video is accessible on free streaming services, this app will look for it and list it for you.

Easy to Use Interface

Showbox for PC has easy to use interface. To look and see your preferred video or movies, you need to spare a couple of seconds. The integrated search feature at this app makes it easy to look for any videos you want to see. When utilizing this app, you have the famous and latest videos on the homepage. This makes it stress-free for you to look for the best movies and videos worth watching. In playing a movie, you have control to navigate through the movie. Also, you can control the quality and the volume of the streaming in just one touch of the button.

Watch Blu-Ray and High Definition Videos

This video streaming and the downloading app provides free videos, not in low quality, but Blu-ray and high definition video. Once you download this app on your PC, you can take pleasure in the movie on a widescreen in superior quality.

Extensive Collection of Videos and Television Shows

With this video and movie streaming application, you will never run out of HD movies to watch. A huge database of TV shows and movies means you will get no matter what you want to see tonight.

Movies and videos are arranged in types and categories. What is more, you can do a fast search to look for any movie from the database.


Showbox for PC is a superb app to watch and stream TV shows and movies. With a vast library as well as user-friendly interface, it is no wonder that a lot of users all over the world want to download Showbox for PC.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download Xender for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

If you use multiple devices including various computers and phones, then sharing files between them can be an issue. While there are many software and applications available out there which can allow you to do so, not all of them are perfect. Some of them have performance issues while others are not able to discover all of your devices.

Thankfully, Xender is a great option when it comes to sharing files between your devices. And today we are here to show you How to use Xender for PC. In this article, you will learn everything related to Xender including things like its features as well as how to use it in different use case scenarios.

Also, you will discover the top features of this app and provide you with some guidance on how to use Xender on your computer.

Xender PC App Info

App Download Version4.4.2.Prime
Last UpdatedJan. 25, 2019
Apk SizeVaries with device
App byXender Team
CategoryFree Tools App
Content RatingEveryone
Support Android VersionAndroid 14 and above
App Packagecn.xender

How to Download and Install Xender for PC Using New Method?

Before we proceed and show you how you can use Xender for sharing files between your devices, it is quite important to make sure that Xender for PC is installed successfully on your devices. Therefore, you will also learn how to successfully download and install Xender for PC on your device using this article. Unlike most file transfer tools available for Windows, Xender does not use a dedicated client. Instead, you have to use Xender for PC in your browser using a sharing link that you will get on your smartphone. Thankfully, it is quite easy to use this client without any issues. And today we will show you how to use the web-based version of the Xender for PC. If you also want to transfer files on your PC using Xender, then you can follow the given steps one by one:

  • First, install and download the Xender app on your smartphones or tablets. You can do by using the respective app stores on your devices. For example, if you are using an Android device, you can use the Google Play Store to get the app. Similarly, if you have an Apple device, then you can find Xender for it on the App Store.
  • Once you have done that, open any browser like Google Chrome on your computer. We will need this web browser to access the web based version of Xender for PC.
  • After that, go to the Xender app on your smartphone, and select Connect to PC from the left hand side panel menu.
    Xender app on your smartphone, and select Connect to PC
  • Now, open on your computer’s browser which will load a QR code on your computer’ screen.
  • Once this is done, click on the scan option on your smartphone and scan this QR code to connect your device to Xender for PC.
    connect your device to Xender for PC
  • Finally, you can start transferring files from and to your PC using Xender for PC. But if you are new to Xender, then we have also provided the step by step guide for this down below in this article.

Guide on How to Download Xender for PC Using the Old Method

To download Xender on PC following the old technique, first, it is required to have an Android Emulator. When you search online, you will see lots of Android emulators available which can be used in downloading Xender. Some of the most used emulators are Nox App, AmiDuos, Bluestacks, Bliss and many others. On the other hand, amongst these emulators, Bluestacks is highly recommended.

  1. To download Bluestacks app, just visit the official website.
  2. Then, download the app and install it by following the instructions shown on the home screen.
  3. After downloading and installing the emulator. Click it to open and then you are requested to register using your Gmail account.
  4. From the dashboard of Bluestack, choose Play Store and from here, look for Xender and set it up.
  5. Once installed, the app is now ready to use

How to Download Xender Using YouWave

There are other ways to download Xender for PC and this time with the help of YouWave. Like the Bluestacks app, YouWave is also one of the best and most used Android emulators which allow a user to download as well as set up an Android app on your computer. On the other hand, not like Bluestacks, this emulator provides a virtual SD card, so it only consumes less memory from your personal computer.

  1. First, you need to download the YouWave emulator.
  2. Follow these steps to download and install YouWave app and Xender for PC easily.
  3. Download YouWave app
  4. After downloading is done, open the .exe file to install the emulator on your computer.
  5. If you are prompted to purchase the program, pick the free trial to continue
  6. When done in installing, open the YouWave program and from here, open the browser app and look for Google Play Store.
  7. On this store, search Xender using the search bar
  8. If you have found Xender, install it, and after installation, you can now use the app as long as you want.

Xender for PC: System Requirements

For you to download and utilize the Xender app for PC, there are requirements that your computer must b able to meet. PC requirement for Xender includes:

  • For the smooth running of Xender, your computer should have High Definition standards
  • An emulator is essential to download as well as install Xender on the computer, for which your personal computer must have:
  • HD card
  • The framework of at least 2 Gigabyte Random Access Memory
  • C Drive should have free storage space of at least 5 to 6 Gigabyte
  • When your computer has all these requirements, then your computer is compatible to install and run Xender app. 
  • Don’t forget to check these requirements prior to downloading the Xender app.

These are the essential steps that one needs to follow to download Xender for PC successfully. On the other hand, the old way isn’t highly recommended. But, if you want to give it a try then go on. Now it is time to know how to use this app on your computer.

How to Share Files between PC and Smartphone using Xender?

Now that you have successfully connected your smartphone with Xender for PC, you can start transferring files between them. Unfortunately, this requires you to follow certain steps otherwise the file transfer will not succeed. Not only that but if you are new to Xender, you might not be able to use this app to its full extent. Therefore, we are here with the step by step guide on how to use Xender for PC for sharing files with a smartphone. If you are also interested in using Xender for PC along with your Android device, then you can follow the given steps one by one:

  • First of all, make sure that you have connected Xender for PC with your smartphone. If not, then you can follow the instructions provided earlier in this article.
  • Once you have gone through that, go to the Xender for PC tab in the web browser of your computer.
  • After that, select one category from images, videos, music, apps, documents, or file. Doing so will show you all the files of the selected category.
    select one category from images, videos, music, apps, documents, or file
  • Finally, you can select the files that you want to download and click on the download option which will transfer them from your smartphone to your PC.
    transfer them from your smartphone to your PC
  • On the other hand, if you want to send files from your PC to your smartphone, you can click on the Upload option and select the files which you want to send.send files from your PC to your smartphone

Also, Check – download Shareit for pc

What Is Xender?

Xender is one of the best apps which help the user to transform documents or files between two devices. This app is able to send different sized files between two devices in a few seconds.

Xender app virtually supports each type of file which takes account of music, wallpapers, videos, movies, Gifs, and many others. What is more, this app can be set up on your Windows PC, IOS and Android smartphone. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a dedication version for computers powered by MAC.

With the assistance of this app, you can connect two devices over a wireless connection and swap files without utilizing LAN connections. Also, Xender for PC can be linked to your iPhone and Android.

Therefore, if you want to transfer files between your phone and computer, then you’ll be able to do without utilizing USB cables. Also, the app is totally free to use.

Xender for PC, laptop windows computer

What are the Features of Xender App?

As mentioned, Xender is an instant file sharing application which allows you to exchange and receive files without cables from the computer to a smartphone or vice versa. You can utilize Xender for iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

What makes this app apart from the rest is that it is a hundred times faster than Bluetooth sharing. It also comes with a user-friendly approach. This app puts no limitation on the size of the file you’re sharing or transferring, and it boasts 40mbps speed.

What is more, Xender allows the user to share files between diverse platforms, which make it one of the most versatile sharing app.

Xender has become popular over the last couple of years. Below are some of the reasons why Xender has overcome the likes of Mi Drop and ShareIt.

The size of this app is only 6-7MB that is considerably lower compared to 13-13MB of Shareit.

Not like ShareIt, Xender does not have its home screen packed with ads, junk and stuff you do not need. What is more, it has a simple design and the interface is user-friendly.

With this app, users allow share videos, music and any files in multiple devices or four devices at a time compared to Mi Drop that only allows you to exchange files to one user at a time.

You can utilize the subtle features of this app on many platforms, and it doesn’t matter if it is Windows, Mac, iOS as well as Android.

Xender has a smartphone-like feature that allows you to transfer all your current files contentedly from one machine to another. You cannot find this feature in other sharing applications available.

This app comes with a separate tab intended for viewing the history of transfers that is not available in Mi Drop. What is more, you will not be annoyed by lots of ads in Xender that you normally experience in SHAREit.

The accuracy of transferring file can reach up to 40MB when using this app.

Top Benefits of Xender for Computer

  • Xender app is totally free to use.
  • Through the assistance of this app, you can make a wireless connection between two devices and transfer documents or files without utilizing any LAN connection.
  • This is a cross-platform application which helps the user to connect PC to smartphone powered by Android or iPhone.
  • The speed of transferring file is relatively high if you compared to Bluetooth and LAN connectivity
  • With the assistance of this amazing file sharing app, the user is able to send almost any kinds of files it doesn’t matter if it is.exe or .msi kind of files. The flexibility of this app is the main reason why it is loved by many users.
  • The app has a clean user-interface. Therefore the user can know on the app easily
  • It doesn’t need any internet connection to function or transfer files between two devices. This is also called the most efficient way of moving a file from one device to another.
xender web app

Conclusion on Xender 

Xender is a very flexible file sharing application that has more than 500 million users as of now.  Also, it transferred 100 million files on a daily basis. The new updates of this app have also included a media player, which allows users to play all the videos and music files straight from within the application.

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Download PicsArt For PC Windows 7/8/10 Laptop Full Version

At times we need a reliable application that can edit and share our photos quickly. What we want is one great tool that is packed with great features so we can easily make changes to our photos.

This is where Picsart comes in. Picsart is the top-rated photo editor app for both the Android and iOS platforms. Recently it is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10. It boasts around 500 million installs since it has a wide variety of tools to alter your pictures to your heart’s content.

Even though the application is on the Windows 8/8.1 and 10 platforms, sadly there is no Picsart application available on the Windows 7 OS. There are many of us that own the Windows 7 PC and also like to edit photos using Picsart.

Therefore, to get the complete edition of Picsart on any kind of Windows PC, stay tuned for a detailed guide on how to download the full version of Picsart on to your computer.

How to Download Picsart for pc?

Downloading the Paytm app for your pc is as easy as ABC. However, you need to have at least Windows 7 installed on your PC or laptop. Just click on the download button here. It will give you the latest version of Picsart app for your pc.

Picsart App Info In Short

App Download Version11.6.3
Last UpdatedMarch 18, 2019
Apk SizeVaries with device
App byPicsArt
App CategoryFree Photography App
Content RatingTeen
Support Android VersionAndroid 16 and above

Install PicsArt on a Windows PC using Bluestacks App Player

  1. Click here to download Bluestacks on to your computer
  2. Open the installer and install it on to your computer.
  3. Open the application
  4. On the Bluestacks application, search and download Picsart app
  5. Install Picsart & Launch the Picsart application
  6. And enjoy the complete versions that come with great photo editing features while from the comfort of your own computer

There is another option to install Picsart on your pc. Check here below.

Install PicsArt on a Computer Windows using Nox App Player

  1. Click here to download Nox App Player on to your computer
  2. Open the installer and install the software on to your Windows computer
  3. Open the application
  4. On the Nox Application, search for the Picsart apk to download
  5. Install Picsart & Launch the Picsart application
  6. And enjoy the complete version of picsart from the comfort of your own computer

Minimum Windows PC Requirement In Short

Operating System
Windows 7/8/10
Graphics Card
GPU compatible with
OpenGL 3.2/Intel HD 4000 or higher
File size
36.7 MB free space
Additional Software
Bluestack App Player or
Nox App Player
Multiple Languages

Various Usage of PicsArt

The picsart may seem a bit challenging at first, but with a little practice and experimentation, you will be able to create beautifully-crafted pictures and images that you can share with friends and family. But for those of you who are still struggling, here are a few tips that you can use to jump-start your photo editing days.

  • Photo Editor – Since it is a photo editor, you will have many options and features that you can. These options include cropping images, copying them, enhancing and adding texts, stickers, frames and so on. You can also add popular filters and adjust the image to your liking.
  • Collage Creator – Another much-needed feature that allows you to make beautiful collages with different images. After you have created the college, alter and edit it until your creativity is shown.
  • Manual Drawing Tools – As stated before, another great feature that Picsart boasts is for you to draw on your images manually. When you have dropped your image on to the page, you can get to drawing. They also provide you with choices such as using different colors and changing the thickness of the various drawing tools.

Bonus Material Check out the PicsArt official site for more information on how to use PicsArt.

Picsart for PC

All Features of picsart

  • Collage Creator
  • Photo Editor
  • Free Stickers, Clip Art and Sticker Creator
  • Live Effects
  • Artistic Photo Filters
  • Create Hilarious Memes
  • Drawing and Camera
  • Effects: Prisma Style
  • Effects: Double Exposure
  • Photo Remix and free-to-edit Images
  • Remix Chat allows you to edit with friends
  • Creative challenges and Photo Contests
  • Share your creations on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Flickr
  • Browse photos were taken by others in the PicsArt Remix Community
  • Drawing Tools that are operated manually

Pros of using Picsart

  1. A wide variety of effects and filters
  2. Customized brushes
  3. Supports layering of photos
  4. Easily share photos through the network and on social media
  5. Very simple to use
  6. Multiple Users can collaborate on one photo in real-time
  7. In-app purchases are totally optional
  8. App is intuitive

Cons of using Picsart

  1. Doesn’t have certain features of other versions of the app
  2. Not all social media platforms are available for sharing
  3. Lags
  4. Options can be overwhelming

Platforms Available for Picsart software

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 8/8.1 Operating System
  • Windows 10

That’s it. Now you can use Picsart on any windows devices using those methods. Using those two methods one can use Picsart on Windows 7 PC also. As I mentioned earlier Picsart is available on Windows 8 and 10 PC. Here are the links to download this software for respective devices.

Or go to the iTunes app store or play store if you are using a phone.

Coming-up new features for PicsArt in the year 2019

  • Newly available stickers
  • New and improved filters
PicsArt fo pc On-Windows Computer

How does PicsArt on Windows PC differ from other platforms?

Downloading and using the Picsart on your Windows computer comes with many advantages. This may be due to the user interface, technicalities, and efficiency of the software. As we all know that the PC is useful for many powering many applications and running many tasks like games and video editing software. Therefore, it can be said that a windows pc can easily manage the Picsart software.

Benefits of Using PicsArt on a Windows computer

  • Large screen to operate the software
  • A powerful operating system for speedier editing and fewer lags
  • Many customization options available
  • Lesser crashes due to the stability of the operating system

Summary of Picsart App

Picsart pc version comes with many advantages that you can consider. It is simple and fast and with our guide hope you find a great way to access Picsart on your windows 7 pc too.

With some additional effort by using Nox and Bluestack App player, one can simply be able to alter photos, create collages and share them on any kind of Windows pc.

Picsart alternatives

If PicsArt doesn’t suit you there are many other applications and software to consider and you can select one that more suits your need.

Bonus – Read this you want to know the pros and cons of each: Review of Top 5 Free Picture Editing Software for 2018

How to Run Android app in Windows PC

Sony LIV App Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 Free – Latest Version

Download and install Sony LIV app in your PC and enjoy a selection of the best entertaining content. You can install SonyLIV app 4.7.2 in either Windows PC or Mac OS. Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. created SonyLIV – LIVE Cricket TV Movies. With its wide selection of content and incredible features, it is great to have this app in your PC.

If you are looking to have a good app for watching your favourite TV shows and movies on your computer, then this app is perfect for you. Read the rest of the article to find what features it has to offer, and 2 methods you can install the app in your device easily. Check out below how this app can make your day extra entertaining.

How to Download & Install Sony LIV App for pc

You can download SonyLIV app easily. All you need to do is search the Internet for “SonyLIV app,” and it will direct you to sites where for download. You can also download an APK version from here below ->

Once you have it downloaded, you can proceed to installation either by using Bluestacks or Nox App player.

SonyLIV App Apk Details

The SonyLIV App APK offers one of the ways to download this application to your android phone or computer. Below are some of the details to help you know about this application.

Best Android Emulators Nox App Player & Bluestacks
App Developer Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd.
Operating Systems Windows 7, 8, and 10 or Mac
APK Version 4.7.2
App Updated September 20, 2018
Android Version Required for Emulator Android 4.1 or 4.1.1
APK File Size 21.2
File Name com.sonyliv_4.7.2_4496.apk

Now we will let you know how to use sony LIV app on your pc. Please follow the instruction. We will take help android emulator like bluestacks, nox app player etc etc to install this SonyLIV APK file into your pc.

Install Using BlueStacks

Here are the steps to install the app on PC using Bluestacks:

  1. Install BlueStacks in your PC
  2. Launch BlueStacks
  3. Click My Apps when BlueStacks is launched
  4. Search – SonyLIV app in the download folder.
  5. Look for the app from the results and install
  6. Login to Google account to download the app from Google Play using Bluestacks
  7. After you log in, the installation will automatically start

*You can download the APK and install on the BlueStacks emulator.

Install with Nox App Player

To install with Nox App Player, follow the steps:

  1. Install Nox App player
  2. After installing and running the player, login to your Google account
  3. Search – SonyLIV – LIVE Cricket TV Movies
  4. Install the SonyLIV app on Nox emulator
  5. After complete installation, you can now play your favourite shows and videos

What is SonyLIV App? (pc version)

SonyLIV is an app created by Sony Pictures Networks India to brighten up your dull days. The app is dubbed as one of the best entertainers as an Android app that provides unlimited access to hours of entertainment, including TV Serials, Movies, LIVE Sports, Original Web Series, Kids Special Content, LIVE TV Channels, Short-Films, LIV FIT, and Music.

With SonyLIV, you can take advantage of the best quality streaming at a premium experience. It lives to provide you with high-quality entertainment in your PC or if you want, in your TV Screen. It is all thanks to the new features included in the app designed so you can continue your binge-watching.

Features of SonyLIV App for pc

In using SonyLiv app, you have engaging features to use in making your movie and TV show marathon more enjoyable:


The multi-bitrate video streaming allows you to watch better quality videos base on the speed of your connection.

Mood Wheel

Use Mood Wheel to search for videos to watch based on your mood. If you don’t know what to watch, just spin the wheel and pick!

My Q

Got a list of videos to watch? Put them in a queue with My Q. With this, you can make a playlist of the videos you want to watch, so you can sit back and watch videos without interruptions.

LIV Gurus

The Liv Guru is the Frequent Flyer Program by Sony designed to reward you with points for every minute you spend watching videos on SonyLIV.

Single Sign-on

Sign up is easy in SonyLiv. What’s more, you only have to sign on for one time and be able to sync all your Shows, Playlists, and Likes across devices.

World of Entertainment

SonyLIV offers a world of entertainment where you can choose content to watch that belongs not only in India but those in other countries as well.


Watch episodes and videos with short duration known as “Quickisodes” for a short but truly engaging entertainment.

Subscription Plan for Premium Content

Subscription plans are available for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly schedule to let you easily pay for premium content.


Aside from viewing content through the computer, the SonyLIV videos can be seen using the Chromecast feature. You can tap and cast any video you want to watch to a larger screen with the SonyLIV app as your remote control. When you update your old SonyLIV app, you will be able to enjoy watching:

  • LIVE streaming of the best and most popular Sony Channels
  • LIVE Sports
  • On-demand TV shows
  • Hollywood, Bollywood, and Regional Movies
  • SonyLIV Original Web Series
  • LIV Kids, and more

Enjoy watching in the best LIVE TV Channels of entertainment contents that include movies, original web series, short films, award events, TV shows, News, YouTube trailers, and a lot more video content on SonyLIV app. Download and install to enjoy the following entertaining content features.

Channel List of Sony Liv

Sony Entertainment Network Channels:

  • SET
  • SET MAX 2
  • Sony PAL
  • Sony SIX
  • SAB TV
  • AXN
  • Sony PIX
  • Soy MIX
  • Sony ESPN
  • Sony Aath
  • Sony WAH

TEN Sports Network

  • TEN 1
  • TEN 1 HD
  • TEN 2
  • TEN 3
  • TEN Golf HS

LIVE Sports with SonyLIV:

  • Watch LIVE Matches
  • Football Tournaments
  • Tennis
  • Live Cricket Matches
  • Wrestling
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • UFC
  • Rugby, and more

Shows to Watch

On-Demand Latest TV Serials

Watch full episodes of popular comedy, drama, action, crime, Indian TV series, and more, including:

  • CID
  • The Kapil Sharma Show
  • Crime Patrol
  • Ek Duje ke Vaste
  • Ek Rishta Saajhedari ka
  • Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi,
  • Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma
  • Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman
  • Adaalat
  • Baalveer, and more

Best Reality Shows

Watch your favourite TV shows such as:

  • Super Dancer
  • Indian Idol, and more

Classic Shows

Re-watch your favourite classic shows such as:

  • Kapil Sharma show
  • Aahat
  • BC
  • KBC
  • CID
  • Aadalat
  • Crime Patrol
  • Comedy Circus, and more

Original Web Series

Watch Sony’s original content such as:

  • Once Upon a Time with Vikram Bhatt
  • Lost & Found
  • Tanlines,
  • #LoveBytes, and more

Free Movies

Watch Hollywood movies by famous Hollywood artists such as Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, Will Smith and more. Watch movies such as:

  • Angry Birds
  • Money Monsters
  • Tintin
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Hotel Transylvania,
  • The Amazing Spiderman,
  • 21
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Django Unchained, and more

Watch Bollywood movies by famous Bollywood superstars such as Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and more. Watch popular Bollywood movies, including:

  • Azhar
  • 3 Idiots
  • FAN
  • Queen
  • PK
  • Aashiqui 2
  • Wazir and more

Conclusion On sony liv app download for pc

Hopefully, you enjoyed this tutorial on sony liv app download for pc. SonyLIV app is evidently one of the best apps to have on your PC. Download and install it to take advantage of incredible features that will make your boring days much more entertaining!