How to clean a Mousepad? – Quick Guide

Well being a gamer, there are many things can happen with you as like mine. It includes washing my Mousepad. If you’ve been gaming a lot and you’ve made up your mind to clean your beloved mousepad, then you’re in the right place. Premium mousepad may not fray usually, but a persisting problem is it gets dirty frequently. Grease, sweat or oil from your skin can cause your mousepad dirty, all can ruin the performance of the mousepad. You just cannot stop them to get dirty. So, let’s take you to the main goal of this post – how to clean your mousepad?

How to Remove Avast Email Signature – Working Methods

While all of the features provided by Avast are highly useful in various cases, some of them can be quite irritating. And one of these features found in Avast anti-virus is called Avast Email Signature. As the name suggests, due to this feature, Avast simply adds a signature at the bottom of all your emails which can be quite frustrating especially if you are sending official and professional emails to your clients. Therefore, today we are here to show you How to Remove or Stop Avast Email Signature. Not only that but you will also learn more than this feature and its functions. But most importantly, you will find the step by step guide which is required to get rid of this email signature from your PC.

Forgot Android Password or pattern Lock, How to Unlock without factory reset

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