Download BHIM App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 | Latest Version

Using Bhim App for pc Will help you on the cashless transaction from your Windows PC. Bharat Interface for Money, or also known as BHIM, will allow you to send and receive money in just one click with the use of the payment addresses of UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

People nowadays secure their money in a bank. We always require to go to the banks for the cash transactions, but in this digital world, you can do it with the help of an App. The useful and recommended app for you is the BHIM, and this is the answer to your money transactions in a bank.

BHIM is one of the best apps for your PC, which helps you to have comfortable and safe bank transactions. If you are looking for reliable digital Transactions App sending money and transfer in a bank, BHIM is the best app for you.

How to Download BHIM App for PC?

The investment will be more beneficial if you already have an idea on how you are going to download it to your PC. The help that it can provide to you is impressive. The following are the steps on how you are going to download BHIM app on your PC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • After you installed it, open the Bluestacks application.
  • Then type BHIM App on the search tab and click Search
  • A different menu will appear on your screen that is the same with BHIM App. Choose the BHIM App and click the download button.
  • Download BHIM app might take some time. Mostly, it will depend on the speed of your online connection.
  • After downloading, it’s time for you to install.

The given steps on how to download this app will be helpful because things will be easier on your part. You will never encounter any problem anymore because of its bright and easy to understand. Making Transaction and Payments will be easier because of the given steps above. There is no need for you to pay money to any person who will download this app because it is available on the PlayStore for free.

Little Info About The App

APK Version 1.5 (202000041)
Screen Density nodpi
CPU Architecture armeabi-v7a
APK File size 7.5 MB
Minimum Android VerAndroid 4.2+ (Jelly Bean – API 17)
MD5 92f4d3d200254e0b9781bbafa03b6f1d

How to Install BHIM app for PC?

Knowing how to install BHIM app is very important, and we will guide you through the whole process. The following steps should be followed properly to complete the installation process successfully. Once you become successful in installing this app, you will be one of its satisfied users.

  • Once the download is finished, open the BHIM app and click the tab Install.
  • The installation will take several minutes to be installed on your device.
  • After the installation is done, you can now begin using your BHIM app. You could see the BHIM app on Bluestacks’ MY Apps area.
  • And done! You can now take advantage of using BHIM app for PC.

When you properly install the BHIM app on your PC, your money transactions to any bank will be more comfortable. We assure you that it will be processed safely and securely. There is nothing to worry because aside from the information about this app, the app itself provides you a complete tutorial with smooth and clear steps in the process of installation.

Features of BHIM App for PC

Features of BHIM App for PC

Since the day BHIM app is introduced, it has become popular and, one of the most recommended apps. With this, a majority of banks have also lined up to make their payment app. BHIM app is intended to ease payments directly through banks and shorten the cashless businesses. The only thing that you need in this digital transaction is to have an essential address of Payment.

  • This app works across all banks, and there is no need for you to use separate apps if you have several accounts in different banks. BHIM app will help you to save time and stresses of having several transportable wallet accounts.
  • There is no need for this app internet connectivity. BHIM app can do the transfer transactions without the internet connection.
  • This app is backed by India’s government that makes it be a reliable and secure option for cashless payment.
  • BHIM app will assure you that they are authenticated by three levels, which are a mobile number or device ID, a bank account that will help to link this app and Pin of UPI to complete the transaction.
  • Lastly, this app is secured by one of the popular cyber security firms, which are actively working with the government. You are a hundred percent assured that it is safe and secured. This app will assure you that you will not encounter any problem.

Pros and Cons of BHIM App for PC

BHIM app users become satisfied with the services that this app has provides to them. They never regret choosing this app because of the excellent benefits it offers.

BHIM app is one of the recommended apps for you if you aim to have a reliable digital transaction in several banks. This app will assure you that your money will transfer safely and securely.

The only disadvantage you can see about the app is that it doesn’t provide any lucrative cash back, no reliable notification system, and no dedicated user support.


Alternatives or Similar to BHIM App for PC

Some of the apps you can use apart from BHIM App are the following:

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Q) What is the maximum limit of the app?

Ans – BHIM App accepts RS 10,000 every transaction. It has a limit of RS 20,000 within 24 hours. It currently supports English and Hindi.

Q) Is it available on iOS devices?

Ans – Yes, this app is widely accessible for iOS users. Nonetheless, the Windows Version of the app is still not available.

Q) Is it safe?

Ans – the developers of the app and the cybersecurity team ensure there are no loopholes; making sure the app is 100% safe before it goes live.

There you have it. Downloading and installing BHIM App for pc is now made more comfortable with this guide. We hope we provided you all the essential information you need about using this app for your PC.

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