It’s impressive to see that up to what extent we can perform tweaks in our Android Smartphones. Android phones provide us great possibilities to make modifications in the smartphone as we desire it. In this article, we will guide you throughout and show you how you can download the Flash File for your Lenovo A6000. We will mention all the links to download the Flash File and a detailed guide which will help you to install it in your device with pure ease.

Sometimes, we face some situations in which we root our Android Smartphones or Install a Custom ROM in our handsets, but sometimes we find that the Installed Custom ROM is not stable and has some Bug Issues. So, in such situations, the best we can do is to relapse to the Stock ROM of the device, which we usually see in a Factory fresh Android Smartphone. One more significant factor that can make you wish to install the Stock Firmware once again is that your device won’t receive updates until and unless the developer of that buggy Custom ROM pushes it in.

lenovo a6000 flash file

There are a few more circumstances which can make you wish to revert to the Stock Firmware. In some cases, if you try to root your device or flash a Custom ROM, there is a probability that you might end up with a Bricked Phone. In case of a Bricked Phone, the Phone stops responding to any of your instructions, the Phone gets wholly dead, and this can be very annoying to almost any of us.

So, if you’re someone who has a Bricked or Dead Smartphone, your best chance to make your Phone back to life is by Installing a Stock ROM or Firmware to your Lenovo A6000. After Installing the Stock Firmware on your device, it will lose all the data present in the Phone itself, but the Phone will start like a freshly new one. 

What is Flash File?

A Flash File can also be known to as Stock Firmware or Stock ROM. If you’re not aware of what a Stock ROM does, it is the File which you can use to replace some system files or the entire system itself. Flash Files contains the Operating System for your Android Device which you can flash on the Phone by various methods. Unlike the Custom ROMs which are developed by the developers, Stock Firmware is already present in your Phone when the manufacturer provides you the Android Phone.

The original, or say, the official Operating System and Interface you get when you buy a new phone, is known as the Stock ROM of the device which contains all the information about the Operating System of the Device. In other words, it is the File that the manufacturer of the Phone provides and having no modifications or tweaks installed.

Stock Firmware for the Phone is considerably better as the Stock ROMs are tried and tested before launch and, the company is responsible for the security of your data, and we too receive timely updates as well.

Reasons to Install Lenovo A6000 Flash File:

Sometimes, we download and flash the Custom ROMs on our devices, or maybe sometimes we root our devices. We do that while thinking that Flashing a new Custom ROM or tooting the device will provide us some extra features and functions. In some cases, the Custom ROMs helps us use the Android Versions that manufacturers do not promise to offer us.

But all this should be done while knowing the proper instructions and correct Files that you wish to Install on your device. Otherwise, you may end up in some situations later that can annoy you. If you somehow flash the wrong File, we mean to say, the files which are intended to install on your particular smartphone, the device can become dead, and we call the Phone in such condition, a Bricked Device. To repair the same, you will require to download Original Stock Flash File of your smartphone and Install it on your device. In result, your device will boot again, and you will have a fresh new phone as an original factory product.

There are other cases too, in which you flash Custom ROMs on your device, and it installs smoothly. But later on, you realize that the following ROM has lots of issues and bugs in it, and bugs entirely ruin the experience of using a smartphone. From here, you have two choices, either you can go for another Custom ROM, or you can Install the Stock Flash File if you wish your device to be as it was earlier when you got it all new.

Advised to revert to the Stock ROM :

  • If you have a Custom ROM installed on your device, and you are facing lag issues while using your Phone, or the device seems slower than before flashing the Custom ROM, it is advisable to revert to the Stock ROM of the Device.
  • If your device does all the tasks as slow rates, even turning On and Off at slow speeds, you must revert to the Stock ROM, as such things are clear signals that you have a faulty Custom ROM and you should change it immediately.
  • Sometimes, it also happens that your Phone restarts all of a sudden even when everything seems alright. In such conditions, you should download and install the Stock Firmware, which can help you solve this issue in no time.
  • If the Charging and Discharge rate of Battery doesn’t seem right, or the charging speed is slower than before. And in some cases, the battery discharge drastically. There must be some fault with the current firmware which you’re using if you’re facing something like this. You should download the Stock Flash File and install it on your device to solve these issues.

If you’re facing any of the issues, which we discussed above, then it is advisable to download the Flash File for your Lenovo A6000 and install it. Stock Firmware can handle and repair any of these issues if you’re facing any one of them or, maybe all of them.

How to DOWNLOAD Flash File for Lenovo A6000

lenovo a6000 flash file download

In case you are having issues with your Phone’s Custom ROM, or you have a bricked phone, we will help you tackle this issue with ease. We are mentioning the Download Links for the Stock Firmware Flash File for LENOVO A6000 below. You can click on the links below to download the Flash File for Lenovo A6000. We will also guide you through the Installation process of the Flash File later on in this article. 

2017/03/01 Build

NAME:  Lenovo

SIZE: 1.28 GB

Download Flash File

2016/12/30 Build


SIZE: 1.18 GB

Download Flash File

2016/12/23 Build


SIZE: 1.18 GB

Download Flash File

These are some links which you can click on, and download the desirable Flash File for your Lenovo A6000. From all the download links above, you can download the Flash File easily with one click.

Steps to Install FLASH FILE in LENOVO A6000:

NOTE: Before we proceed to Install the Flash File on your Lenovo A6000, you mustback up all the critical data present inside the Phone’s memory. There is a complete data wipe which occurs during the process, so if you have any essential data, safeguard it to prevent unnecessary data loss.

Prerequisite to Install Flash File on Lenovo A6000:

  • The mentioned guide is only for Lenovo Smartphones, and please read all the steps carefully before making any decisions.
  • Backup all the essential data in a separate hard disk or another storage device whichever you prefer, because this process causes data loss at times.
  • Install the Lenovo USB drivers to configure the device in your Computer. Click on the Download button mentioned below to Download the Lenovo USB drivers.

            Lenovo USB Drivers:  Download

  • Make sure you have enough Battery left in the device for the operation. If the Battery is low, charge it at least up to 70% so that the process completes smoothly. Otherwise, your device might run out of Battery in the middle of the process, and that can Brick your Lenovo A6000.

Now follow these steps

  1. #STEP 1:  Beginning with the flashing process, firstly you need to Download the Flash File for Lenovo A6000, which you can easily download from the links given above. The downloaded File will be in a zip format. Extract the following zip file in your Windows PC.
  2. #STEP 2:  For proceeding further, you will need to download the dedicated Flash tool to Install the package in your Lenovo A6000. The Download link of the Flash Tool is below. Click on the Download button to download the File, and Install the Flash Tool in your Windows PC. 
  3. FLASH TOOL Download.
  4. #STEP 3:  Now Extract the zip file that you downloaded in the previous step.
  5. #STEP 4:  You will come across a list of items and files after extraction of the zip file. Find ‘Flash_tool.exe’ and launch the program.
  6. #STEP 5: Click on the Download button and then, find the ‘Scatter Loading Button’ on the right-hand side in the Download Tab. 
  7. #STEP 6: Now Navigate to the Stock ROM Folder and find the Scatter File.
  8. #STEP 7: Now Switch off your Lenovo A6000 and connect it to the Windows PC on which you have Installed the Flash Tool.
  9. #STEP 8: Once the Computer configures the device, Click on the Download button to inaugurate the process of Installation of Flash File on your Lenovo A6000. 
  10. #STEP 9: When the process is complete, you will see a green ring on the screen, and the Installation Process is complete. Now you can unplug your Lenovo A6000 and Power On the Phone.

The Installation Process is complete here, you have successfully Installed the Flash File on your Lenovo A6000.

NOTE: After the completion of the Installation Process, the device will take up time to boot up. There is no need to worry if the device is taking time. Generally, first boot ups take up to 20 minutes, or maybe more in a few cases.

Final Verdict

By now, you have gone through all the significant steps to Download And Install the Flash File on the Lenovo A6000. By following the steps, the Installation Process will get complete, and you will have the Stock Firmware running on your Lenovo A6000. If you have any other Lenovo phone, you can download the Stock Firmware for that device too, and follow the same steps to complete the Installation Process.

If you have any doubts regarding the Installation Process, feel open to ask in the Comment Section below. We hope you liked reading this guide, make sure to share it with your Friends and Family.

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