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How to Transferring files from Android phone to PC with SHAREit

Having trouble using SHAREit for PC? Maybe it is your first time. Relax. We are here to help. Our step by step guide below will help you use SHAREit for PC and transfer files from your Android phone to your PC and vice-versa.

How to connect your Android phone to your PC (First-time users)

Make sure that you have download SHAREit already and already installed in your devices.  The first step would be to set up a connection between the phone and the PC.

  • Double click on the SHAREit software on your PC
  • There will be a screen prompting users to ACCEPT or DECLINE the privacy policy of SHAREit
  • After reading these policies, click on Agree to proceed

NOTE: Clicking on Decline will cancel your installation and there will be a confirmation page asking you if you are sure you do not agree and leave SHAREit.

shareit usage for windows 10After clicking on AGREE in SHAREit

  • you can view the welcome screens for new users or press on SKIP to skip the introductory slides
  • The third slide will have the final button before you can use the software. Click on Try now to start sharing!

CONNECTING your phone to PC

To connect your devices, you will need to connect to the hotspot created by SHAREit for PC. The name is mentioned as shown in the picture.
To connect to the hotspot, go to your phone’s WiFi menu and tap on the hotspot network created by the SHAREit on your PC or laptop. Once you try connecting to this network, you will be prompted to enter the password to the network. You can find it here (as shown in the picture)
You are now connected.


  • Once you tap on SHAREit on your phone, click on the start option to start sharing.
  • On your Android phone, if you wish to send files from your phone to the PC, tap on the SEND button.
  • Similarly, if you wish to receive files from your PC, tap on the RECEIVE button on your smartphone.
  • To send the files from your phone, after tapping on the SEND button, select the files you wish to share and tap on the NEXT button to proceed.
  • Following that, your SHAREit on your phone will scan for the PC’s SHAREit.
  • If you can see the PC (it will have a name or you can set a name for it) within the scanned area on your phone, tap on the device name.

NOTE: Make sure you are still connected to the Hotspot network created by your PC

Now You’re ready for sharing files via SHAREit

  • Your phone will now connect to your PC
  • If you are sending files, a message will appear on SHAREit on your PC prompting you to ACCEPT or DECLINE the file being shared
  • Once you are sure that it is actually your device, click on the ACCEPT button
  • Your file will be shared at the blink of an eye

NOTE: You can also set the device (in this case your phone) as a trusted device which will make your sharing experience easier

Now you are all set to send and receive files from your android phone to your PC or vice-versa.

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