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How to Fix olpair.com and pair Error in OpenLoad Streaming

Kodi is known for streaming media content from all over the world. With the help of this app, you get access to documentaries, TV shows, movies, music, etc. Highly optimizable options are provided to manipulate them according to your choices. Apart from these features, there are some serious issues witnessed while using this app. One of the most frequently observed errors is olpair.com and pair Error in OpenLoad Streaming server. 

Today, we will teach you how to fix this type of error and what are the reasons behind it. After solving them completely, your overall user-experience will definitely boost-up and exaggerate. All you have to do is read this article completely and go through the stepwise guides carefully. 

Why the olpair error Occurs During OpenLoad Streaming?

Till now you know that these are extremely stubborn errors that cause the problem in your streaming. Let us clear you one thing, that these are not errors. Although, these are the messages to get permission for pairing in order to improve the OpenLoad streaming. 

OpenLoad is one of the best servers to facilitate online streaming. This server is known for its quality and protection from robots, spammers, etc. That’s why OpenLoad started this permission service to allow spam-free media content streaming. After allowing permission, the user can continue for about 4 hours streaming through the OpenLoad server.

In this article, we will tell you the correct way to allow pairing and watch your favourite media content. 

How to Fix olpair.com and pair Error Using VPN Method?

As most of you already know that Openload streaming is an online service for sharing and uploading files. One more thing you must know is that it includes pirated content also. There are always some chances that you can get in trouble while streaming if you are not using any VPN app. In order to avoid this type of problem, one can use VPN apps like Express VPN, Thunder VPN, Turbo PVN, etc. These VPN apps help by making a tunnel across the internet traffic and provide you with an untrackable IP address to increase the security. Now let’s move forward to see the procedure of fixing the OpenLoad Streaming errors.

  • Download, install and open the VPN app in your device
  • Connect the network with the high-speed IP address
  • Now open the internet browser and visit this link  https://olpair.com. A new page will open as shown in the image
  • On that window, select the ‘I’m not a robot’ option to prove that you are a real human
  • After that click on the ‘Pair’ button to continue
  • You will get a message confirming the successful pairing. 
  • Now you have to avoid changing the IP address otherwise you have to repeat the previous steps again. That means you must choose a strong IP address.
  • Finally, after doing the procedure correctly you can use OpenLoad streaming for the next 4 hours.

How to Fix olpair.com and pair Error by Disabling Hosters with Captcha?

There is no doubt that the above method will work for you but there are some drawbacks of that. Firstly, you have to restart the process every 4 hours as it works for that limited time only. Secondly, you also have to repeat the process if the network breaks or gets disturbed. You don’t have to worry as there is another method without such complications. All you have to do is disable the hosters with captcha and you can enjoy the streaming flawlessly. 

In this section, we will teach how to perform the procedure step by step. During the procedure, we will block every streaming link which requires a captcha verification. In order to do this, we have to go through the add-ons settings. Now, let’s see how this process goes on in the Kodi app. 

  • Launch the Kodi app in your device
  • Find the Add-ons menu and select it as shown in the picture
  • Among the various plugin options, select the one which you use frequently
  • After that, select the Configure option to continue
  • Inside the Playback tab, try to locate the Hosters with captchas option
  • Now disable the Hosters with captchas option by clicking on it
  • Congratulations! You can now stream your favourite content without any errors including  olpair.com and pair Error. 


Till now, we have discussed two methods in detail for fixing olpair.com and pair Error. The first one is temporary and has some drawbacks but is very simple to execute. The second one is quite technical but is highly efficient. In this method, we have to manipulate the Add-ons settings in order to disable the hosters with captcha verification. 

In the beginning, we also told you about the cause of these types of errors. Now you know everything about the errors and how to fix them temporarily and permanently. Contact us if you have any queries and share the article if you liked it.