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How to clean a Mousepad? – Quick Guide

Have you notice due to dust, dandruff, hair, tiny food particles, etc on your mousepad, you’re getting trouble with sensitivity?  

Well, Being a gamer, there are many things can happen with you as like mine. It includes cleaning my Mousepad as it gets strains frequently. If you’ve been gaming a lot and you’ve made up your mind to clean your beloved mousepad, then I’m here to help you. Premium mousepad may not fray usually, but a persisting problem is – it gets dirty frequently. 

Grease, sweat, oil from your skin, food particle, etc all can ruin your mousepad and it is related to the performance of the mouse. You just cannot stop them to get dirty. So, let’s take you to the main goal of this post – how to clean your mousepad?

To clean a mousepad you need only four things –

Soap or shampoo
Scrubber Brush
Dry Towel

Here are these two methods I usually take to clean my mouse pad – 

How to Clean Mousepad – Do it yourself Method

Basically, in this method, to wipe out the dirt, you need to clean your mousepad using soap or detergent with a scrubber. Take your pad to a sink & follow these steps – 

  1. Bath with warm water.
  2. Toss the mousepad in.
  3. Drizzle soap and spread around.
  4. Use a brush and rub it gently
  5. If strains are more brush with a little more pressure.
  6. Wash the pad and make sure strains and soap left.
  7. Set your mousepad into a towel and fold the edges over to dry it.
  8. Press the towel gently and make sure no more water spot left.
  9. Now left it as it is to get some air 
  10. Let it dry in air for a few munites. 

That’s it, Pretty easy, right? After doing these steps your mousepad will look like as good as new.

Clean A Mousepad Using Washing Machine

There is another method you could try. This method for those who are lazy. We will use a washing machine to wash the pad. Follow these steps – 

  1. Toss your mousepad and put it in a washing machine.
  2. Use regular soap or detergent.
  3. Remember, Don’t use hot water.
  4. Use a towel to remove the water spot.
  5. Wait for 10-20 minutes.
  6. Finally, Let it dry in the air for a few munites. 

Useful Video On Clean A Mousepad

When to clean mousepad?

It depends on you. If you see trouble with mouse pointer while shooting or clicking and this problem is arrives from your dirty mousepad, you definitely clean it.

Can I clean mouse pad with alcohol?

Yes, but I’ll not recommend unless strain are hard to remove with soap or detergent.


The problem is common to a mousepad and it may cause your aim while playing an fps game. But we get rid of this problem also easy. Hope you get the solution from the above.

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