idle champions codes List & redeem Combinations: Everything you need to know

Pro gamers today have a lot of options to choose from. There are several genres of games out there and a whole bunch of them are doing really well in their respective classes. But one thing that comes naturally with time to a pro gamer regardless of the type of game he plays is the use of combinations. And in this article, we are going to go over everything related to the combinations in Idle Champions. So bear with us till the end of this article.

We will begin with a little sneak peek into the game followed by discussions of combinations and places where you can find valid combinations. It won’t stop there, as there will show you how to redeem a code and how to get unique codes.

You are reading this article then you are probably well versed with the game. But on the off chance that you are not playing it, you are missing something really cool. Hence you should really give it a shot.

List of combinations

  • GIED-GITS-TRIO – 1 Gold Chest
  • PALO-VESI-DLE! – 1 Gold Chest
  • AVRE-NDON-AARK-ROND– 3 Gold Chest (Avren, Donaar and Krond)
  • DISK-ESSE-RYND – 1 Gold Chest
  • BACS-KAVA-NOOK – 1 Gold Chest
  • KRON-DDON-AARA-VREN– 1 Gold Supply Chest
  • ZZZS-BLIP-CABA – 1 Gold Chest
  • GAAR-AWAR-RSGU-IDES – 2 Gold Supply Chest
  • SUPP-ORTR-OGUE– 2 Regis Silver Chests
  • REHS-VIAL-TIDE – 1 Gold Chest
  • FOCU-SEDA-NGER – 2 Silver Zorbus Chests
  • IDLE-CHAM-PION – 1 Gold Chest
  • EGOM-ANIA-LOOT – 2 Silver Dhadius Chest
  • MAXD-UNBA-RFTW – 1 Gold Chest
  • TAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODE – One Hold Strix Chest
  • IDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOW – One Gold Chest
  • ABCD-EFGH-IJKL – One Silver Chest
  • HALF-ORCK-ROND – Two Silver Krond Chest
  • WATE-RDHA-VIAN – One Silver Chest
  • GRAM-MAGR-OMMA – 2 Silver Gromma Chests
  • STOK-ED4S-TOKI – 2 Silver Stoki Chests
  • HAMM-ERST-ACKS – 2 Silver Barrowin Chests

Here you go

EBER-RONC-HEST1 Gold Supply Chest
CITY-OFTO-WERS1 Gold Supply Chest
LULU-GOES-2PAX1 Gold Chest
KARM-ICMA-DJIGClick Damage Green Flame Skin
REBO-RNRU-QIAH2 Silver Cattie Chests
CLER-ICOF-KELE-MVOR2 Silver Nerys Chests
DEAD-INVE-NTOR2 Silver Spurt Chests
HEAV-YMET-ALTO-RTLE2 Silver Krull Chests
SAGE-OFSH-ADOW-DALE2 Gold Supply Chests
HAVI-LARS-TWIN2 Silver Farideh Chests
PRAI-SELA-THAN-DER!2 Evelyn Silver Chests
ASTO-RMHE-RALD2 Aila Silver Chests
BRAH-MALU-TIER2 Walnut Silver Chests
SLOB-BERC-HOPS2 Silver Chests
DEEK-INCH-ESTS2 Silver Deekin CHests
RING-OFWI-NTER2 Silver Chests
GITH-ZERA-ISUP-PORT2 Nrakk Silver Chests
TWEN-TYTW-ENTY2 Silver Chests
WARF-ORGE-DPAL-ADIN2 Silver Sentry Chests
MIKE-KRAH-ULIK2 Silver Jim Chests
CURS-EDFA-RMER2 Silver Chests
COOO-OOOO-LOUT2 Silver Donaar Chests

What are combinations?

Every game has some kind of cheat code. So does Idle Champion. The only difference is that these are used in shops. A combination can be defined as a kind of a short sentence that will get to access to some special items. And for that, you have to enter these into the combinations dialogue box in the shop. 

Things you can get using combinations:

  • Some combinations will get your hands on some money. We are talking about chests and you can use these to make other in-game purchases. 
  • If you are lucky you might get items including rare skins and even championships. 
  • You will also get access to buffs. And the type of buff you receive can be a big game-changer in some fights. Additionally, if you get some rare buff you could become totally unstoppable.

Where can I find valid combinations?

Combinations are actually not that rare to find, in fact, there are many ways in which you can get some. You just gotta know where to look.

Here some places waiting for you with combinations:

  • Weekly emails – A lot of services and social media constantly update you with emails. In fact, everything that requires you to use an account does so. And Idle Champions is no different. It will send you weekly emails and they do contain some Combinations from time to time.
  • Through Community streams – The backbone of any newbie gamer is probably his fellow gaming community. You can easily get advice from expert gamers while being a novice at such places. And occasionally, people do share Combinations there as well. 
  • Through podcasts – They are kind of the same deal as communities. The only difference is that here we listen to the experts. Though some newbies also get the chance to interact or hold their own podcasts. Either way, these also serve as a source of Combinations. 
  • Through Official Idle Champions streams – The game, of course, has an official stream and through it, it will often interact with its dear gamers.  Sometimes the company might feel generous enough to throw out a few of those sweet Combos. 
  • Live events – if none of the above methods suit you, then you can tune into the live events and then catch these combinations physically. 

How to Redeem a code?

The section above covers everything about getting your hands on a combination. So now that you are all up to speed on that let’s see how to redeem an Idle Champions Code. Since these codes provide you with a lot of advantages, it is essential that you learn to use them.

Redeem Idle Champions Codes

But before reading the rest of this section, there is one thing you need to know. If you are an Android or iOS user then you are in for some bad luck. You won’t be able to redeem codes of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. All thanks to it not being in accordance with Google’s and Apple Store’s terms and conditions. But if you are a steam user, then you are good to go.

Here is how you redeem the codes:

Redeem a Code
  • Start up your game. 
  • Once it opens, click the $ symbol at the top left corner of the screen. This will lead you right to the Store
  • The Redeem a Code box will be present at the bottom right side of the screen. 
  • Just type in the code in the space provided and hit Submit to redeem it. 

How to get free unique codes?

Now let’s talk about getting free unique codes in Idle Champions. But be advised, you can use these codes only a single time.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the game. 
  • Get yourself to its Main Menu
  • Choose the Newsletter option from the menu. 
  • Next, go for the Subscribe option.
  • Once you are done with this step, the peeps behind the game will send you emails and news related to the game. And these might often contain codes that you can redeem. 

What is Idle Champions?

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm, a game for adventurers who are not far behind the times. How many of you have made your weekends great with a little game of DnD? It’s a well-made board game where you explore a land of fantasies. And Idle champions is the modern-day adaptation of it which calls out the child in you.

While playing the game you get to command a mighty army. The objective, of course, is to eliminate your opposition and grab all the gold that appears right where they die. Not to mention, a lot of strategy is involved as well. 


Now that you have read this article you have surely gotten a good grasp over everything combination related when it comes to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm. This means that you have gone up another level considering your gamer level and adventurer status. So go on ahead and make sure you use these at the right time.