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Is Bluestacks Safe To Use On Windows or Apple Mac? User Review

Is Bluestacks safe to use

is Bluestacks safe to use? – Yes, Technically Bluestacks safe to use now, but the software will keep on telling you to download random and unnecessary apps until you pay the creators, or download apps and rate them which you may find annoying 😐

BlueStacks is an emulator to get the Android app and play on the window or Mac devices. It is not the virus or thing else. From their side, it is totally risk-free and you will take it freely. Still, BlueStacks will change you sync data from the android phone to those devices on to the using BlueStacks. So, you should be cautious about that these install BlueStacks but on this device you have.

BlueStacks released BlueStacks 3 from the brand new moto and front end innovation. BlueStacks 3 added App canter, which personalizes the game suggestions, and the accounting structure with the conversation, crucial new mapping port, multi-instance. The multi-instance allows the users to start double BlueStacks window users either the one or other Google play accounting.

If you have used the earlier version of it, however, they hadn’t been the first rate in terms of performance and safety. You can see this discussion of two years ago. But now it’s modified to an upgraded version with better performance, you can effortlessly play most popular Android games like Asphalt eight and many others without lagging.

Is BlueStacks Safe In Use?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use. For the PC it is an emulator which allows the user to run the app on the window. It does not produce any problem or trouble as many of the users use it for more than 2 years. Many persons like it because some of the Android phones having the RAM low due to which they get stuck and choose the BlueStacks.

It works like a computer program. The BlueStacks is safe in use, but it mainly depends upon the websites or the place from where you have download because some of the unofficial websites produce trouble in it. As if you have to download it from the website which may be the third party which is also called an unofficial site, it may put the problem or the malware in it.

The latest versions of Bluestacks are considered as the safest because it does not include the uninstaller. The Bluestacks files cannot be deleted as they are made in such a way that they can read only by the users that is the users can not misplace the folder. The latest version also raises the no security problem due to which it is the choice of many persons.

The Bluestacks are the mainstream option for all the emulators. You can expect a seamless experience with the Bluestacks as it maintained at regular interval of updates and the bugfixes. With the Android or the PC, it is compatible easily. The multiple instances of the Bluestacks application can be launch at once due to which much mobile gaming migrate to this platform. The numbers of instances run at once, mainly focus on the window specification.

Tips To Use Bluestacks More Safely 

  • Don’t use the default browser attach to Bluestacks itself. It seems to be Useless and not secure.
  • Use Nova browser instead of it.
  • Bloatware like Bs-services attach to Bluestacks, disable them.
  • There is no need to sign in to Bluestacks.
  • Don’t enable app sync and that stuff.
is bluestacks safe

The Virus Test Against Bluestacks & Their Results

We have done a test with a series of anti-virus and anti-malware programs and services. The result showing that the BlueStacks download clean 100% of all the time.

According to the antivirus software test, indeed BlueStacks does not carry any sort of malware, spyware, trojans or viruses and appears to be safe.

AnTivirus Software Test Results

Result on avastClean
Result on AVG Clean
Result on BitDefenderClean
Result on ComodoClean
Result on Dr.WebClean
Result on Emsisoft Clean
Result on KasperskyClean
Result on MalwarebytesClean
Result on McAfeeClean
Result on Microsoft Security EssentialsClean
Result on NortonClean
Result on PandaClean
Result on SophosClean
Result on SUPERAntiSpywareClean
Result on TrendMicroClean
Result on Webroot SecureAnywhereClean
Result on ZoneAlarm AntivirusClean

Malware And Spam Test Results

Result on Comodo Site InspectorClean
Result on G-DataClean
Result on Google SafebrowsingClean
Result on Malware DomainlistClean
Result on PhishtankClean
Result on VX VaultClean
Result on YandexClean
Result on ZDB ZeusClean
Result on Zeus TrackerClean
Result on ZveloClean

The Pros And The Cons Of Using Bluestacks

Is bluestacks safe

Pros Of The Bluestacks

• For the entire android app, you will get an emulator so that you can run your app.
• You can run the Android app over the full screen which may be allowed only by the Bluestacks as the other virtual android phone does not allow their app on full screen, they allow their app on the small screen.
• Multiple apps can be run on a Bluestacks as compared to the other emulators. It is compatible with the window OS and the Mac OS.
• It provides the ability to play multiple games at once; that is the ability to launch multiple instances.
• It helps in providing excellent performance as the input respond immediately, the game started fast, and the lots of resources should not be consumed while running.
• You can play a game with the multiple accounts at once and can record and stream your gameplay.

Cons Of The Bluestacks

• It produces the problem when the RAM it may be less than 4 GB, and it may produce some lags in normal working. If the RAM is less than 2 GB than after downloading the Bluestacks, your PC
hangs completely.
• The Bluestacks are safe in use and does not provide any type of problems to the users. For the proper working, it requires only the optimum RAM in which it works fastly. Above the 4 GB of RAM, it will provide no problems during its usage. For the perfect use of the Bluestacks, you want some kind of tricky knowledge and having the knowledge of internal setting which helps you in many ways like in installation or the fixing some problem.

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Download link to Bluestacks – Bluestacks

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