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The increased use of the Internet in a variety of things and industries, public security is more vulnerable than before. These days, the need for tools and technologies to cater to the growing responsibilities and limited resources concerning technology becomes more apparent. In that regard, this article talks about Morpho RD Service download for PC to meet a wide range of security challenges the public faces.

Morpho is one of the leading companies that developed mobile and automated solutions with regards to security. The company creates tools and technology to support law enforcement and security professionals in effectively protecting people and property all over the world. They have many automated and mobile systems to meet the security challenges of the public. One of which is Morpho RD Service.

According to the UIDAI (Aadhaar) guidelines, people can only use registered biometric devices for Aadhaar Authentication or eKYC transactions. They help through their products that strengthen site and event security, help identify persons and vehicles, as well as facilitate the private security of agencies around the world. Morpho does this by combining their expertise in advanced detection and recognition technology and biometric criminal databases.

One of their top products to help improve security is RD Services, a biometric system that eliminates stored biometrics. Morpho RD Service comes with three additional features not found in public devices, which makes it one of the top security systems. With its ability to enhance and automate security procedures, it helps police departments and security organizations to make the most use of their resources and focus more on solving crimes.

How to Download Morpho RD Service for PC

Purchasing and downloading RD service is easy. You only need the following steps:

  • Visit the site In there you can find all necessary information about the product. 
  • Download Morpho RD Service for PC. By simply clicking this link, it will automatically download the file to your computer.
  • Locate the file and follow the next steps on installing Morpho RD Service driver.

How to Install Morpho RD Service for PC

Once you have located where the Morpho RD Service file on your PC, you can proceed on executing the following installation process.

  • In your computer, locate the file. Open the EXE folder where the RD package is located.
  • Right click on ‘MorphoRDServiceLoSoftSetup.exe’ and run as administrator to install.
  • Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to complete the installation process.

After installing Morpho RD Service, you need to install the MSO Device Driver next. You can do this by restarting the system after installing the RD Service. After that, connect the whitelisted Morpho biometric scanner. Once you connect the device to the system, the device driver will be automatically installed. Following the installation of the MSO device driver, you will need to register it next.

Morpho RD Service Register Now

Features of Morpho RD Service

There are several features that a Morpho RD Service has which puts it at the top of the best security products available. Morpho RD Service has main three additional features that make it superior to public devices. These features are:

  • Device Identification – Every Morpho RD Service device comes with a unique identifier that helps with traceability, analytics, as well as fraud management.
  • Elimination of Stored Biometrics – Morpho RD Service helps to eliminate having to use stored biometrics by signing the biometric data within the device. It uses a provider key that ensures that the live is truly captured. With that, Morpho RD service forms an encrypted PID block before going back to the host application.
  • Certified Standardized RD Service – Morpho RD Service is standardized and encapsulates capture, signing and biometric encryption within the system for improved user experience.

Pros and Cons

As any device or system, Morpho RD Service has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of the product:


  1. Reliable acquisition of ID proof or personal data
  2. No more need for using stored biometrics
  3. Created by a certified leader in biometrics technology


  1. Installation and registration might be confusing

Alternative or Similar to Morpho RD Service

Besides Morpho, you will find other companies offering RD services to comply with the UIDAI guidelines. Some of the alternatives include NEXT RD Services and Secugen RD services, both of which are reliable systems. However, Morpho differs in the fact that it is far superior in handling biometric data due to the elimination of the use of stored biometric data along with other features.

Morpho is a leading biometrics company, a one-stop shop for highly customizable solutions to your business processes, IT environment, operational conditions, and financial capability. With its years of experience and a large number of products, you can expect that the Morpho RD service is just as reliable of a system.

FAQs on Morpho RD Service

Here are some answers to your most frequent questions about Morpho RD Service.

What is RD Service?

RD service is the registered device service of the device provider, which must be compliant to the Aadhaar Registered Devices Specification for ensuring a secured biometric capture and authentication through UIDAI’s Aadhaar-based services.

Which biometric device products are certified Registered Device?

Morpho has several Registered Devices namely Morpho 1300 E, Morpho 1300 E3m, and Morpho 1300 E.

If the device is not Whitelisted, how do you One Time Tokens?

In this case, you should contact the Morpho RD Integration Support Team.

What certification level do Morpho devices have?

Currently, the Morpho E1300 is certified Level 0.

How can a customer use Morpho RD Service?

A customer can use Morpho RD service by first having an application integrated with the service.

What are the platforms that a Registered Device is supported on?

Both Windows and Android systems work with Morpho Registered Devices. Android Smartphone with 4.4 and above OS versions support Morpho Registered Devices. On the other hand, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, either 32 bit or 64 bit, supports the devices as well.

Does a customer’s machine need to have Administrator rights for the RD service package to be installed?

Yes. Windows must have Administrator rights while your Android phone should not be a rooted device.

How does a customer know if the device is registered?

Morpho will send an email confirmation upon successful registration of the biometric device.

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