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Best Phone Armband in 2019 – Editors Pick & Review On Running Phone Holder

Smart runners know the inconvenience caused while carrying their phones with sweaty hands and the trouble of untangling earphone wires mid-sprint. Hence, they prefer to go for a running phone holder instead for the classic experience of uninterrupted runs. Nevertheless, the market showcases a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to picking a running phone holder or phone armband of your own. That is the soul reason that our group of health enthusiasts decided to make things easy for our own kind and did some testing of the choices to come up with the best picks of running phone holders. They come in all shapes and sizes and it is really useful to get to know about the perfect one customized for your phone. Below are some of the armbands which stood out than the rest:

How to clean a Mousepad? – Quick Guide

Well being a gamer, there are many things can happen with you as like mine. It includes washing my Mousepad. If you’ve been gaming a lot and you’ve made up your mind to clean your beloved mousepad, then you’re in the right place. Premium mousepad may not fray usually, but a persisting problem is it gets dirty frequently. Grease, sweat or oil from your skin can cause your mousepad dirty, all can ruin the performance of the mousepad. You just cannot stop them to get dirty. So, let’s take you to the main goal of this post – how to clean your mousepad?