Variants of Dolphin Emulator

1. Dolphin VR

Dolphin VR is based on the concept of virtual reality with an accurate life-size scale, provides a full field of view, and a 3D head-up display. It supports devices like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Virtual reality games can be played using Dolphin VR. Dolphin VR has got good reviews from PC gamers. The recently released version is 5.0, and the source code is put on Github. The free software foundation does maintenance.


  • There is an amazing experience for users.
  • It provides a detailed view.
  • It connects with people.


  • Users often addict to virtual reality.
  • This technology is still experimental.

2. Ishiiruka

When the support of DirectX 9 was removed, the developer of the dolphin created an unofficial fork named Ishiiruka. Forking is a process when software developer pics a copy of available source code and start independent development, thus creating new and distinct software. Forking solved the performance problems like micro stuttering due to shader compilation. Shader is the term used to produce lit and shadowed areas while rendering 3D models. Isiiruka was the base for fighting video game named Super Smash Brothers.


  • It allows the user to push standards beyond the standards of normal dolphin.
  • Cool additional enhancements can be added.
  • It helps to avoid shader compilation.


  • Advanced users can only use Ishiiruka.

3. Prime hack

Prime hack is another version of the dolphin. This modified version of the dolphin is designed to play Metroid Prime Trilogy on PC using keyboard and mouse controls. There are two variants available for Prime Hack. One is on the platform of Ishiirukaand other one is on the platform of Dolphin Proper.


  • Proper gaming experience for Metroid Prime Trilogy on PC


  • It suffers in running other games made on a different platform.

4. Dolphin Triforce

This version of the dolphin is developed to emulate the Triforce arcade system. The dolphin team stopped the development of this version because of the shifting of development priorities. The dolphin triforce can be downloaded from the website, and source code is available on Github.

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